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Арина Шарапова
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I write interestingly and with love to business.

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Life is hard to understand, because it is so multifaceted. So why not just live it happily? Enjoy what you love, what you have now, dream about what you want to get tomorrow. All in your hands!

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Accountant with extensive experience in maintaining a personal blog. I like to write articles. I get motivation and positive emotions from my published articles. I love black tea with milk and sugar.

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From a young age I liked writing essays, essays, poems and other creative works. I strive to ensure that children's hobbies have grown to a more professional level.

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I love chocolate and books in unlimited quantities. I appreciate communication, a positive attitude and self-development. I try to motivate myself for big and small achievements. Did you have any questions? Feel free to ask))

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About Shmot. It is extremely subjective and incredibly biased about what we wear, why and why. It is controversial from the first to the last word. Doubtful, unobvious and not too reliable. In short, reading is a must.

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I am interested in everything around, from modern comedies to the subtleties of psychology. A fan of sweet and coffee. I love traveling, new impressions, emotions.

Елена П
52 Article

Hello! The circle of my interests is great, and I hope that the information offered by me will be useful and interesting for the reader. I am always open to discussions, including for criticism, I will gladly answer your questions))

Young Dreamer
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I do not know fatigue and I am sure of a cloudless future for all mankind! I wish everyone good, positive and spiritual balance, which is so hard to find in our rampant days.

Анна Авдышева
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Good health to everyone! I'm a geologist, accountant, journalist. I feed the passion for classical literature and active recreation. I'm writing about everything that's interesting. I love life, I strive for cherished goals and enjoy creativity.

Эльвина Примакова
22 Article

By education - a psychologist, a teacher of psychology. She is married and has a daughter: she is three years old. Daily I consolidate the theory studied in practice :-) I like to share my experience, I will be glad to your questions and comments.

Ольга Анасьева
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Beginner blogger, mother. A lot of things in life I'm interested in: this is self-development, and the creation of their business, and so that without binding to the place and excitingly interesting, and joint creativity with children. Always glad to new acquaintances, new impressions, communication with your readers :).

Анастасия Терентьева
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I aspire to develop my creative potential. I wish every girl to find her happiness.

Александра Яковлева
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Hello! My name is Alexandra, I'm a doctor and a journalist. Here you will find articles about beauty and health, fitness and nutrition. I will be glad to your questions and comments. Join us, it will be interesting!

Яна Фауст
16 Article

A young and talented person who is not afraid to experiment. I love coffee, music, dancing and warm human relationships. I want to become an astronaut or a ballerina. After all, no one said that dreams should be realistic!


I am a young wife and mother. During childbirth recovered very little, after - quickly normalized weight. My daily mood is at the highest level. Here I want to share with you the secrets of my happiness. In addition, I'm a psychologist by education and will be able to help in overcoming the complexes.

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Certified professional consultant on Feng Shui and Batsi. I write forecasts, check the compatibility of pairs. I love self-development and new knowledge.

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The world is huge, and there are many interesting things in it. We often seek to learn the secrets of the cosmos, eternal life and for some reason forget that there are more mysteries in us than in the whole Universe.

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I always liked to cook and share interesting recipes with people. I'm interested in esoteric, psychology and self-development. I believe that at any age you can find yourself and your

Olga Pavlova
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Since the school I was drawn to get new knowledge, and share it with others. That's why I became a journalist. The sphere of my interests is vast. I will share with you the most interesting thing I know. I hope you will be interested in reading me. Pleasant reading!

Ева Адамова

Майя Мешкова
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Twice my mother, a crazy artist, a novice writer. I write only about what I really understand. In my spare time I like to sleep, it's a pity that I do not have it.

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I like to create, a cat and a husband.

Чувствую душой!
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Greetings, dear readers! I'm glad that from the sea - no! - Ocean information is my article has benefited! Do you want to continue to keep abreast of current news and themes of the world of fashion, beauty and health? Do you get the most useful tips every day? Stay with me - I feel you soul!

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I love life, watch, read, listen, study, dance, sing, play, develop, amuse! In general, an ordinary girl. :) I will be grateful for your comments on my posts. I wish you, girls, goodness, light and love!

Любовь Быстрова

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Hello! My name is Alyona and I'm a mother battery of the same little tireless girl Tanya! I want to share with you my ideas, thoughts and just useful information! I will be happy with any of your responses and I will be happy to answer comments and possible comments. Let's be friends!

Александра Антонова
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Journalist and an experienced blogger. I love the Internet, I like extreme sports. I never stop, because the best rest is movement.

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Hello! I am the mother of a wonderful baby. I think that I have accumulated a lot of life experience and it's time to share it. I'm waiting for the comments of my articles, I will happily join the discussion with the active reader.

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Hey. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and conclusions and now I intend to tell you about what actually happens here ... Prepare. And fasten your seat belts.

юля туманова

Ирина Бабинова

Writing. I'm reading. I'm running. I'm dancing. I make my life bright. And something else .... Well, what is. I'm curious to know everything - it's so interesting. All I know, I want to pass on to others, I hope I will be useful to you.

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Hello! My hobby is to learn something new, share useful knowledge with other people. I'm fond of psychology and growing indoor plants. Leave comments on the topic or just so - I will be glad to communicate.

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Hello! I hope the information was useful and informative. I will be glad to any comments. Live communication and dialogue help to find the answer to any interesting question.

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I like to communicate on different topics, to learn new things. It is interesting to find someone else's opinion on this or that question. Always ready for live communication. Favorite topics for discussion - children, music, literature, home life, relationships. But, this is not all that you can talk about)

Елена Рабкина
90 Article

The most interesting for the most beautiful. I write about what is interesting, beautiful, useful to myself, and, I hope, to you too :) I am constantly looking for something new and always glad to share new knowledge and inspiration!

Светлана Цулина
78 Article

I live, breathe, rejoice in every day ... The main aspiration in life is the daily cognition of something new, interesting, turning the world view upside down. I follow the slogan: I see the goal - I do not see any obstacles.

Наталия Алхимова
7 Article

I am a mother of two school children and an Internet entrepreneur. I'm sure -

Мария Солнцева
1 Article

I try not to lose heart in any life situation and like positive people. I get inspiration from communicating with creative personalities. I want to get a dog to walk with her every morning in the park.

16 Article

I work as a confectioner at a chocolate factory, I like blogging. I like to write articles and do not pass by the most acute and frank topics. I love black tea with sugar and fresh pastries. I dream to open a cozy cafe.

Шакирова Лилия
91 Article

I am forty years old. I love books, especially English classics, animals. I bring up a child with my husband, a daughter. I'm sure that everything in this world is ultimately arranged correctly.

Анна Толстая
19 Article

A creative and purposeful personality that seeks the truth in the intricate world of women's fears, conjectures and stereotypes. I write only about what I encounter in life. My motto:

Julia Nice
27 Article

I'm fond of cooking and computer graphics, design. I appreciate decency, kindness, creativity and ingenuity in people.

67 Article

I am happy to share with you my knowledge, thoughts and experience. My best achievements: a wonderful family, a higher pedagogical education and a black belt for aikido.



Любовь Толстихина
1 Article

A journalist with great experience, philology is my destiny. I love to live and I love writing about it!

Simple Me
1 Article

A journalist of diverse subjects. Hobby - cooking and reading books. I also like music, mostly rock and alternative metal. I try to visit unusual events more often and share my impressions with my readers.

Катерина Никитина
1 Article

I read a lot, I often write. I want to share with the readers of the magazine the knowledge that has been accumulated over the years. I will be happy with the comments and questions. All good and good mood!