Korean cosmetics: the pros and cons of

Increasingly, beauty products of Korean brands can be seen on the shelves of beauty shops. Interest in them is justified, because it is in this country that the beauty industry is developing rapidly. In South Korea, Tint and BB Cream were created, and they began to actively use mucin, adding it to the cosmetics of the day. Korean cosmetics has certain features. After reviewing them, you can decide whether you should use it or not.

A large assortment

In South Korea, there is a 10-step skin cleansing system. Korean women are sure that only carefully cleaned epidermis is able to absorb all the beneficial substances. This explains the huge range of beauty products aimed at cleansing the skin. They give a good result with regular use. With their help, you can quite successfully combat such a common problem as black dots.

Do not forget the Korean manufacturers and about moisturizing the skin. Means have a clear classification by skin type and age. If cream and serum can be considered as cosmetic products intended for basic moisturizing, then fabric masks are suitable as means of express moisturizing. Such care cosmetics allows you to fight peeling and has a pronounced cumulative effect.

An important feature of the Korean cosmetics cosmetics is that many beauty products have a bleaching effect. This can take advantage of girls who have problems with pigmentation. Quite a wide anti-aging line of cosmetic loin allows you to delay the appearance of the first facial wrinkles. By the way, the greatest efficiency from Korean cosmetics can be achieved if you consistently use several products from the same line. Such beauty products will have a similar composition, which will enhance their effects on the skin.

The convenience of use

In addition to a wide range, it should be noted the usability of cosmetics from Korea. Reasonableness of bottles and jars pleasantly pleased. Packaging with patches will certainly be equipped with a spatula in order to simplify the process of their removal from the package, and the bottle with the serum will necessarily be equipped with a pipette, which allows dispensing the consumption of cosmetic products. Quite prudent can be considered the decision of manufacturers to begin production of goods in mini-versions. Without a lot of cash, you can try the tool and then decide whether to purchase a full-size version.

Original packaging

What attracts the most attention when you are in front of a cosmetics stand? The bright packs of Korean beauty products are not enough for anyone to remain indifferent. Their design often acquires a funny and cute character due to images of fruits, flowers and animals. The term "kawai" perfectly reflects the appearance of many cosmetics from Korea.

Features of the composition

Attitude to the ingredients of Korean cosmetics is rather twofold. Most products are manufactured without parabens and dangerous preservatives. The emphasis is on natural ingredients. Many of them are unique, as raw materials grow only in South Korea. The use of natural oils and extracts of rare plants largely explains the effectiveness of Korean cosmetics.

But this medal has a downside. Before using a new cream or serum, you need to make sure that their ingredients do not cause you allergies. To do this, you can make a test sample on the skin in the area of the elbow bend. Also, do not forget that many natural oils have comedogenicity.

Translation difficulties

Buying Korean cosmetics should immediately pay attention to the information indicated on the package. The fact is that often the compositions and recommendations for use are indicated only in Korean. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the use of beauty products, it is imperative that you read the text on the packaging. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase Korean cosmetics from official distributors. They provide packaging labels with the translation of all necessary information.
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