What dresses will be in fashion this spring?

While you, excellent readers, in beautiful dresses with might and main shone on holidays and corporate parties, there was time to diligently study fashionable blogs. Winter days do not last forever, so we begin to prepare in advance for the future - which always seems far away, but comes unexpectedly. Preparedness is the key to success in any enterprise, so now it’s time to talk about what fashion trends await us in the spring of 2019.


Experts, fashion houses and fashion blogs authoritatively declare: bright color spots in the overall strict range will be the main trend of the season. The color of the year is declared pink in all the richness of its shades - which means it’s time to urgently attend to the purchase of various accessories that will become a bright accent of your image.


A variety of bright prints will also become an important trend of the spring-summer 2019 season. Peas, clear lines, ethnic motifs and psychedelic inserts will not leave indifferent lovers stand out in any crowd.

Fabric and style

Silk, chiffon and atlas continue to retain the position of one of the fundamental fashion trends of the season. However, do not get upset in advance: fashion blogs are filled with captivating promises of the most insane styles, ruff, frames and forms based on these fabrics. The lengths of the skirts, the shape of the sleeves, remain entirely at your own discretion.


However, with regard to dresses, the situation is stricter. The undoubted trend of the season is a long dress on the floor with a flowing light skirt, under which shoes with high soles or heels are perfect. Mini dresses also retain their leading positions among the upcoming fashion trends.

Shoes and accessories

Fashion experts and fashion blogs put on comfortable shoes - ballet flats, light shoes with long noses, sneakers and sneakers. This emphasizes the value of activity and unwillingness to restrain your natural walk with heels and platforms.

And let the weather outside the window still not smile to lovers of sundresses and sandals, no one has yet forbidden to plan and dream. Hurry up - time is never enough. Create your own unique spring look!
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