How to learn to attract people? 6 psychological tricks

Every day we meet people. Communicating with some of them makes us happy and inspires for exploits, but with others, on the contrary, it bothers and destroys hopes. To reach you, it is important to have inner charm. However, not every person is able to attract the attention of other people to his person, because the charm is not given at birth. But, working on yourself, it is easy to become a charismatic person. This will help find love, make useful connections and climb the career ladder. So what can people do to dream about communicating with you? Use the following tricks.

1. Love yourself

Healthy self-love, self-esteem, self-reliance and an optimistic outlook on life are fundamental criteria for internal magnetism. It is impossible to intrigue a person when you yourself hate the world and forget about your interests.

Therefore, urgently raise self-esteem: go in for sports, work on your personal style, look for an affair in your soul and learn to think positively. Keep a diary of success and for each achievement indulge yourself with pleasant surprises.

Love yourself and believe in your strength, and then the people around you will not stand!

2. Create an individual image

So that people would notice you, listened thoughtfully and wait for a new meeting, think up your own unique image. Even a small non-standard wardrobe detail or appearance feature will not be ignored. After all, the originality of their own style distinguishes you from other people, highlighting from the crowd. And the point here is not only beauty, but also the flaws in the figure.

Recall, for example, celebrities and what they associate with. So Merlin Monroe is blond and mole-colored hair, Winston Churchill - fullness and cigar, and Salvador Dali - mustache and mimicry.

Work on your own image and look for individuality, and do not doubt that you will definitely be noticed!

3. Try to trust each other.

The “art of intimacy” in dialogues with other people influences the development of charisma. Let the person know that you are interested in the conversation, respect his opinion and are ready to compromise. This is important when building trust relationships.

Let the listener feel confident next to you and be charged with positive energy. True charm rushes out, and not inside his own personality - the interlocutor will feel this and will want to communicate with you as long as possible.

Without trust, it is impossible to dispose of a person. Your inner magnetism will not be revealed!

4. Master the skill of communication

The ability to communicate makes us open and attractive to all. If you want to become a wise interlocutor, then read books, look for interesting topics and watch educational programs.

Study the volumes of famous philosophers in order to shine with knowledge and catch phrase at the right moment. Do not forget to share your own experiences, use a sense of humor and ask questions of interest. Also learn from the leading television talk shows of charm, ease, goodwill and the art of presenting yourself.

To be charming and attractive for people, you need to be able to communicate! Learn this art!

5. The human eye is capable of much

Eye contact helps in communication or scares the interlocutor. Open and kind eyes inspire, and a wandering and unnatural look indicates that a person is not interested in you.

Exercising eye contact is difficult, but possible. Each time, looking at the listener, hold on his gaze for a second more than before. If it is difficult, try to first notice and memorize the color of the eyes of the person with whom you are conducting the dialogue. Over time, you will feel more confident.

Work on your look when you want to please the person!

6. Do not neglect gestures and facial expressions!

Use body language when you want to impress the audience. Positive mimicry, bright smile, lively gestures leave a pleasant impression on the audience. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it will seem like a play around.

A few words about the behavior during the conversation. For example, nodding is a good way to prove to a person that you are listening to him. But one should not shake his head so often, otherwise everyone will understand that this is not done on the merits, but for appearance.

During the conversation, be lively and smile! But do not overdo it with emotions!

Soon you will become an attractive person, a charming man and a sweet companion. And also create an empire of enthusiastic fans around you, love your own reflection in the mirror, stop fearing the public and learn how to conduct live events. We'll have to break ourselves, go out of the comfort zone and break down existing stereotypes. But it's worth it.

Pleasant and productive work for you!
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