3 athletes who have made a career in the movie

Often, viewers are unaware that their favorite actors were professional athletes before filming in the sensational blockbusters, comedies and action films. Some recognizable faces came into the world of cinema from sport.

Winnie jones

Sports achievements: Despite the fact that in childhood, Jones was kicked out of a football team because of his not quite sporting dimensions, he later managed to make an amazing career in this field.

In 1986, Winnie began playing at the Wimbledon Club. Becoming the captain and the absolute leader, Winnie led the team to victory, and after 2 years, “Wimbydon” did the impossible - got the FA Cup. He was later at Chelsea, Leeds and Sheffield United. Thanks to his specific, aggressive style of play, Jones even got the nickname Ax.

Actor career

Vinnie never had a great talent, but the will to win, due to the mood, did their job. Jones easily succeed character characters. An example of this role in films such as "Bonebreaker", "Big Jackpot." Currently, Vinnie Jones is a successful actor and plays in the same tape with Hollywood stars such as Jolie, Travolta and Brad Pitt.

A life

Winnie is truly a classic "bad guy." At a party dedicated to his 21st birthday, he turned the whole bar over and arranged such a strong fight that several police cars arrived at the scene. And in one of the football matches Winnie grabbed the balls of an opponent Paul Gascoigne. When asked to comment on the situation, the explanation was simple - “It's Easter.” Also, because of the scuffle he organized aboard the flight to Tokyo, Jones is forbidden to fly on Virgin Atlantic airplanes. From the words of Vinnie, before the match, the coach did not particularly talk with him about tactical schemes. All he did was call the name of the opponent.

Dwayne Johnson

Sporting achievements: At 18, at the invitation of a coach of a university team, he began playing the American version of rugby - gladiator fights for the ball.

In 1995, Dwayne came to professional wrestling, and in 1996 he was taken to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Speaking for the first time in his life in the ring, he immediately received a three-year contract for fighting. After just a few years in 1999 - he became the WWF champion. In the world of wrestling, his original pseudonym, composed of the names of his father and grandfather, “Rocky Mayvia” eventually turned into just “The Rock” - “The Rock”. Duane Johnson is the only professional wrestler, having won WWE 17 times.

By the way, Johnson is a third generation wrestler. Before him, his grandfather, grandmother and his father made a career in this direction. In one of the interviews, Dwayne recalled that he came to the gym with his father, but when he tried to squeeze lying down to 62 kg, she simply crushed him. He was only 13 at the time, but he promised himself to come back on Saturday again and raise her to whatever it was.

Actor career

That all changed in 1999, when Jones was just called from Hollywood. Climbing to the glory of Jones began with the film "The Mummy Returns." However, this role did not make him a screen star. Everything changed after his role in the film "The Scorpion King". It was this film that made Dwayne really famous. Later, Jones starred in films such as "Hercules", "Fast and Furious 6", "Snitch" and still a huge amount of work. He always gives all the best on the set and even seriously injured the Achilles tendon, sometimes training for football for the film “Game Plan”.

Johnson's "The Rocks" fee is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records: it turned out to be the highest amount ($ 5, 5 million) for the first major role.

A life

Duane Johnson is not only a good athlete and actor, but also has a bachelor's degree in physiology and criminology. And in the New York Madame Tussauds, he has his own wax figure. In addition, in 2000, The New York Times recognized his autobiography The Rock Says as the best-selling book. She lasted more than 3 weeks in the top, which is an outstanding result even among professional authors.

Jason lee

Sports achievements: At the age of thirteen, Lee actively participated in skateboarding competitions, and at eighteen was considered a professional. He even dropped out of high school to practice his favorite sport. He became famous for his ability to perform a complex trick - flipping the board for a skateboard in the air at 360 degrees, the so-called “360 flip”. Today, Jason is the owner of a skateboard company and even appeared in the legendary game for skaters - Tony Hawk.

Actor career

Incredible fame came to Jason after his role in the film Kevin Smith “Chasing Amy”. Further in his career appeared such cult films as “Vanilla Sky”, “Dreamcatcher”, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and, of course, the multiseries film “My name is Earl”, after which the actor was nominated for Golden Globe.
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