4 reasons to watch the film Suspiria

“Suspiria” is the most anticipated horror of 2018, which became the highlight of the Venice Festival and managed to receive awards in several nominations. Many believe that this is a remake of the classic film of the same name, however, the director himself thinks otherwise. For him, this is a bold attempt to realize a childhood dream - to make his own version of this mysterious story.

An American woman arrives in Berlin for the best ballet academy, which in fact turns out to be only a cover for the bloody and dark affairs of the real witches. Now we have to get out of the mysterious labyrinth, because otherwise, as stated in the slogan of the film, "Dance will take your soul."


The film was shot by the fashionable Italian director Luca Guadagnino, who became famous after his film “Call Me Your Name”. He admitted that in his youth he looked at “Suspiriya” - a masterpiece of director Argento, and got an idea to make his picture with captions “Suspiria. Luca Guadagnino film. Luke's dream came true in 2010, when he announced the start of his project. Assistant and adviser in the process of shooting the film was his indispensable companion, American actress Tilda Swinton. It was she who became one of the main characters who made this film truly stunning.

Costumes, design, choreography

Unlike the original film, the modern version contains the exact date and space. The story takes place in 1977 in Berlin, when it was divided into two parts by the Wall. The Guadagnino tape is dominated by dark undertones and gloomy shadow details that help rethink the depth of the plot.

The central theme of the film is dance and music, which accompany it throughout history. The amazing choreography of Pina Bausch and Sasha Waltz creates the impression of an inexplicable mystical triumph of rationalism, it displays a picture of the world in terms of instincts and political views. The film reveals the burning themes of our time: the ideas of tolerance and feminism, democracy and freedom. We plunge into the crazy world ruled by the sleeping Mother Suspiria.


Castings were held in 2015, almost immediately the director said that the main character would be performed by Dakota Johnson as a ballerina, trained under the guidance of Mrs. Blank, the unsurpassed Tilda Swinton would play. It is known that Dakota practiced ballet for two years in preparation for the shooting. The cast is really impressive! Beautiful Chloe Moretz as Susie's girlfriend and actress Mia Goth, wonderfully performing the role of Sarah.

An intriguing fact was that there was only one male character in the film - this is a psychotherapist whom Patricia, one of the students of the ballet academy, addresses, and tells about the conclave of witches and about the mysterious immortal Mothers. However, Dr. Klemperer considers this crazy crazy, and after the disappearance of his patient tries to find her with the help of sinister characters.


The composer of the film was the legendary leader of the group Radio Head Tom York. For him, this was the first debut work in the movie, which became the winner in the nomination SoundTrack Stars. The instrumental music of the vocalist is performed in the style of kraut-rock and music concrete, which were just popular in the late 70s. of the last century.

The electronic soundtrack, which echoes the storyline and adds more tension and gloom, is the ideal that filmmaker Luca Guadagnino wanted. And Tom York did an excellent job! It is worth watching this film at least for the sake of this amazing musical atmosphere.
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