Choosing a dream carriage

We all know how difficult the choice is. Especially it concerns such an important thing for your baby, as the first transport. No, this is not a car or a child seat, it's a stroller!

Is it worth it to buy at all or mom "on wheels"

Yes, the choice of the first transport always requires a private approach. If you are the future mom of the baby, which moves only on the car, then you should think about walks with your baby. After walks give the child the opportunity to temper and strengthen his nervous system.

Many mothers simply do not like to walk for a long time and prefer to "walk" to their crumbs at the open window. This method does not replace the baby's full stay on the street and getting the body's vitamin D.

Other moms simply want to save on the stroller and get a good "walk" in the future, depriving the baby of fresh air and sun rays. There are also mothers who prefer to carry the baby in slings, ergoryksakah and other adaptations. Yes, it's great to always feel the heart beating of your crumbs. But think how convenient it is for a toddler to be in one position all the time. But what about him, if, trite, want to stretch? And how to sleep in one position? Are you one of those moms? Then you definitely need to re-think all of the above and make a choice in favor of the comfort and health of your baby.

I want a stroller! How to choose?

We often face a choice. What to choose from such a variety. We will try to help. First, take a sheet of paper and spill it into 5 parts.

The first criterion will be the time of year in which you expect the appearance of the baby. From here you will understand which wheelbase at the wheelchair you need - a classic (4 non-rotating wheels), four-wheeled, with swiveling front wheels, or you can take a stroller with all the turning wheels. If you take a stroller with small rotating wheels for the winter, there is a possibility that you can not drive if there is a lot of snow in your region. If you live where there is almost no snow and summer is year round - then this criterion will not be decisive for you!

The second point, note which criteria for protection from wind and direct sunlight are more important to you. This item should seriously shorten your search circle. Not all manufacturers take into account these criteria in the production of children's transport. This will also include the material you want.

The third item, select which country of production should be at the stroller. In fact, there are a lot of them. From China to Europe. For each mother, the safety of her baby, the quality of the materials from which the stroller is made, are very important. Very much in the issue of quality depends on the country of origin.

Next paragraph, indicate how much you are willing to give for the stroller. Here, with a small budget, a lot of options will be immediately eliminated. Those who are willing to pay a lot for the stroller will not have many options. Carriages of premium segment in the market is not so much.

The last, not less important point, is the color of the desired products. Here, dear future moms, full of space for your fantasies. This is the last item that greatly shortens the selection in your searches. Have you chosen? Could you decide on the model? Congratulations! And now we turn to the most interesting!

Where to buy what you imagine

We recommend to look for your stroller in online stores. There, the cost may differ from the store by several thousand rubles. Waiting for the appearance of future crumbs is a significant waste. It's better to spend it on more useful goals, which are still many. If you want to "feel" the first children's transport and "roll" it, you can go to any store, with a good choice on the storefront, and already for certain to understand whether it's what you want.

I hope that it became easier to navigate in a huge number of children's transport and you, finally, understood what your soul requires. The most important rule in looking for a stroller for crumbs is not to take the first stroller, determine the main search criteria and take the only right decision!
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