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You buy cool pants, and there is nothing to wear them with. They sit perfectly, but, as it turned out, only when you are standing barefoot in the dressing room. Heels can not get far, but with shoes you look ten years older. So there is another useless thing in the wardrobe, which is waiting in the wings.

I have nothing to wear!

When this happens with enviable regularity, the wardrobe swells up and prevents its owner from looking stylish. It takes a lot of time to select a suitable combination, there are few good sets going on. To avoid monotony, you have to buy more and more. As a result, the money flies away, and a stylish image does not work.

What is a capsular wardrobe

The solution to the problem is capsular wardrobe. The capsule includes clothes and accessories that fit together, are stylistically connected and complement each other. Each item purchased creates several new sets at once. This approach saves money, time and uplifting the mood with a good choice of dress. A separate capsule is created for work, rest and every season. In this case, things easily go from one capsule to another.

We make a new wardrobe

Of course, you can contact the stylists. But it is quite possible to do the work on creating a new image on your own. Four items are separated from the perfect capsule wardrobe:

1. We define the social role and style direction.

We all perform various social roles - office worker, mother on maternity leave, housewife. Each capsule reflects one of them. For work, you may need a capsule in an office style, for leisure, fit free or sporty. Moms on maternity leave to think about a cute home image. Old stretched T-shirts and washed-up pants are not the best choice for a woman who spends most of her time at home. It is important for everyone to look at home neat and pretty, but mothers are on maternity leave and housewives especially. Start building a wardrobe with a capsule, which affects the main sphere of your life.

2. Choose the appropriate styles and colors.

The choice of color and style depends on the type of appearance and taste preferences. A good option would be three primary colors and one additional. The main condition - they must be combined with each other.

3. We conduct a wardrobe audit

Open the cabinet and evaluate what is there. Is your size there things? If you wear a different size for more than a year, it’s time to remove old things. Do these things fit your lifestyle? It happens that the mother’s wardrobe on maternity leave is filled with club party dresses, and there’s nothing to wear with the child in the sandbox. Such things are sent to a far corner, making room for new, necessary. Perhaps these things will be needed later, but not now. From the wardrobe left after the revision we choose what can enter our capsule.

4. Collect the capsule and go shopping

The most pleasant, but the most time-consuming item. We decide on the filling of the capsule, select for it the things of our former wardrobe and supplement them with new ones. First choose the "bottoms" and shoes. For the selected trousers and skirts, select the "tops" - tops, shirts, blazers. We finish the capsule formation with the selection of accessories.

The wardrobe is shaped and pleasing to the eye. The capsule is 10 things, and the assembled sets are twice as large. Stylish and practical wardrobe ready!
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