Simple, but effective tips for winter hand care

To keep the skin of the hands always soft, not dry and cracked, it is important not to forget just a few simple rules.

Wear gloves

Wear gloves in cold weather, even if you leave the house for a short time. This is a simple, but always relevant rule, it is important not to forget before cleaning. Its observance will avoid dry hands, as well as the appearance of cracks, wrinkles and other unpleasant manifestations.

Not only frost and cold wind are harmful to the skin. Chemicals used in cleaning also have a negative effect on it. If you deprive your hands skin protection in the form of gloves, there is a risk to make them dry, scruffy, prone to irritation, redness, allergies.

Smear hands with cream as often as possible.

In cold weather, the skin of the hands must be provided with nutrition. It is nutrition, not moisture. From the components of the moisturizer formed small particles that in the cold dehydrate the skin. Therefore, it is important to smear your hands with a cream with a nutritional composition, and at any free moment. For example, before a walk, after washing dishes, after cleaning. It does not take much time, and the result will please - gentle and soft hands.

The composition of high-quality cream for care in the cold season should be:
  • Oils that promote the regulation of fat balance.
  • Allantoin. Well heals wounds, cracks and helps to restore the skin.
  • Wax and honey - a guarantee of nutrition and protection from the negative effects of external factors.
  • Aloe, jojoba extract, avocado oil, cocoa beans make the skin of the hands soft, have a healing and antimicrobial effect, help eliminate inflammation.
But the less glycerin, the better. It does not pass oxygen into the upper layers of the skin, contributing to its premature aging.

Do not use conventional and antimicrobial soaps.

In the antibacterial soap there is a special component triclosan, which kills microbes. It strongly dries skin, as well as usual toilet soap. Therefore, in the winter it is worth switching to soap with a high content of cream, oils, vitamins and components that promote regeneration and enhanced nutrition.

Wash your hands with cool water.

Coming from the cold, I want to warm my frozen hands as quickly as possible by washing under a stream of hot water. From a sudden change in temperature, the nutrition of the skin, nails and cuticle will be affected.

Therefore, hands need to be washed with slightly warm water and wipe them completely. If water remains on them, then it will quickly go away with the skin's natural moisture. This will manifest itself in its dryness and dehydration.

Good old Vaseline

Today, the shelves of cosmetic stores are pleased with a wide selection of care products. But just a few decades ago, Vaseline was the only nutrient. If the cream is over, it will become an emergency assistant against dry skin.

But dermatologists do not recommend using petroleum jelly regularly instead of cream. Sometimes, to protect against severe frost and icy wind, it can be applied with a thin film.

Use scrub

One of the main points in the care is to exfoliate the skin of hands from dead cells and particles of dirt. Small abrasive scrub particles also help the blood circulate better. After applying it, the nourishing cream is better absorbed and displays its properties.

Keep track of the humidity in the house

The skin of the hands is much less natural moisture compared to the skin of the face. Therefore, it is more difficult for her to cope with dryness on her own. In winter, due to the heating of the room the air is very dry. Hands can become strained, look aged, scaling appears on them. If it is not possible to install special humidifiers, you can simply arrange containers with water around the house, preferably next to the batteries.

Pamper handles with extra care.

Do not be lazy to once again take care of your hands. A good result can give the use of home masks and baths. They definitely need to add oils, as they contain amino acids that have a positive effect on the appearance and health of the skin.

Twice a week you can make a mask of egg yolk, honey and small oatmeal. Massaging your hands with this composition for about 10 minutes, you need to wash it off, then spread them with a nourishing cream.
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