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In winter, after the New Year holidays, monotonous gray days begin. Gloomy sky, constant frosts, lack of sun does not contribute to a good mood. Probably, that’s why Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14th, has also taken root. It is always nice to hear words of love, because there are not too many hugs, kisses and confessions.

history of the holiday

Already from the name it becomes clear that in this case we are talking about the saint with the memorable name Valentine. There is such a legend. Once the emperor of Rome Claudius II recruited soldiers into the army, but there were not so many who wished. He thought that the wives would not let the men into the army, so he did not allow them to marry. At the time, one holy Christian preacher, Valentine, was known. He treated people and also married couples in love. Somehow the guard came to him from prison. He had a daughter, Julia, who was blind. The priest told her to smear his eyes and promised to take up the treatment later. The emperor found out that he was violating his decree and ordered him to be grabbed. The saint was imprisoned. He was ordered to be executed on February 14th. He wrote a note to the girl. Julia read the message, in it Valentine declared in love. In the letter she found saffron. As soon as she took the grass in her hands, her eyesight returned. Later, the martyr was canonized.

The legend is beautiful, but, most likely, all this is fiction. The Catholic Church has 3 martyrs, whose name was Valentine, but we know very little about their lives. In those days there was no church wedding ceremony, so the saint could not contribute to the conclusion of marriages. Even if there was such a rite, the emperor would not have attached importance to him, since in Rome at that time the Christian religion was persecuted and despised.

So how did this holiday really come about? Most likely, the church invented it, since it needed to replace “Lupercalia” with something. This is a pagan festival in honor of the she-wolf who fed the founders of Rome. The Romans made a sacrifice (dog and goat), butchered them, and made belts out of animal hides. 2 guys without clothes girdled with these belts, clamped them in their hands and ran. They lashed them all who came their way. The female half of the city tried on that day to be close to the runners and put their back, chest and shoulders to them. They said that then they would be able to quickly conceive a child and give birth easily, they would be lucky in love affairs.

Valentine card

On February 14, it is customary to give each other valentines. These are small postcards, most often red or pink. Postcards must be anonymous. Often they were written with his left hand so that the sender could not be identified by handwriting.

It is believed that the first Valentine wrote the Duke of Orleans. In 1415 he sat in prison and sent love letters to his wife. But the oldest Valentine that has come down to us is dated 1477. She was found in one of the English libraries. The girl writes to his beloved, asks him to prove his love. She promises to get a dowry from her mother.

For a long time the holiday was not too popular. But in the 18th century in England, lovers began to exchange valentines. They made them from colored paper and signed with colorful ink. In the XIX century, the holiday itself began to celebrate in the UK, and then in the United States. On this day, young people wrote on the leaves of the names of the girls with whom they spoke, and in turn pulled them out of the cup. The resulting pairs were called “Valentines” and had to meet, or at least not give up, after a year. Already in the middle of the XIX century, enterprising merchants realized that this day would help them fill their wallets: cards, sweets - all this was swept away by lovers from the shelves. And they began the promotion of the holiday.

Now it is one of the most popular holidays in the world. But they mark it differently, some very original. So the Poles are attached to the relics of the saint and ask him to give marital happiness. To do this, they are sent to the Poznan metropolis. For the Germans, love is insanity, and they have this saint, the intercessor of mentally ill people. On this day, they decorate with flowers and colorful ribbons of the hospital, where mentally unhealthy people lie, order mass. And in Saudi Arabia, the holiday is banned. On February 14, in stores you will not find toys or candies in the form of hearts, as well as valentines. For any violations there are huge fines.


And now it is customary to exchange gifts. What exactly can please your loved one, do not need to advise, because it depends on the hobby, hobbies, occupation of a person. Some countries have their own traditions. So, Italians always give only sweets and sweets. In Denmark, it is customary to send dried white flowers to your loved one. In America, the brides were once presented with marzipans, which were then an expensive delicacy. In France, the best gift is jewelry. Whatever you choose, the main thing is the desire to please your loved one, and not the amount spent on gifts.

What is not advised to give your half on this day:
  1. Too expensive gifts. If a man spends a significant amount, then his half will expect no less luxurious gift on March 8. There are many holidays and not everyone has the opportunity to spend huge money on them. Usually, something expensive is given for birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day is a passing festival, on which any souvenir can be presented. In addition, an expensive gift requires a reciprocal gesture, and not everyone, even a man in love, can afford to buy a present with a high cost.
  2. Money. Perhaps for someone this will be the best gift, especially if they were presented in a beautiful envelope, filling it with large bills. But money is a gift for the lazy, the easiest and easiest way. To choose a worthy gift, you need to explore the tastes of another person, learn about his hobby, spend time searching.
  3. Ready valentine. Now the shops are overwhelmed with postcards, souvenirs, where poets and writers have done all the work for you: beautiful greetings, original compliments, etc. But it will be more pleasant for your soulmate to read what you write to her. You can purchase a ready-made postcard, but sign it by hand. Just do not write vulgarity in it, because they are unlikely to please that day.
  4. Bouquet for men. According to the rules of etiquette, men are not allowed to give flowers, if he does not have an anniversary, and if he is not an artist. This is a good gift for a woman or a girl.
  5. Cosmetics. It is difficult for a man to pick up the necessary cosmetics, and you should not choose it to your taste. Girls prefer certain brands, pick the right shades themselves, and it's not easy to please her. If you definitely want to please her makeup, buy a certificate to the store.
  6. Certificate in the fitness room, dandruff shampoo, anti-wrinkle cream, etc. Any gifts that indicate a woman’s flaws will annoy her and not please her. If she needs any of the above, she can buy it herself.
  7. Kitchenware. Even the most practical person will not call the next pan or frying pan romantic. Why not please this gift on a weekday? Then he can cause joy, but not on Valentine's Day.
  8. Remember what a most unpleasant gift was given to you, and write about it in the comments.

If there is no second half

If you met another February without a husband or a loved one, this is no reason to worry and envy. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. You can dedicate it to yourself, beloved. How often we don’t find time to watch another film or series, cook a luxurious cake, read a magazine, etc. On this day, you can be pampered and do what you have long dreamed of.

You can love not only a man, but also parents, your family and children. Why not spend time with them, buy theater or cinema tickets, reduce mother to an exhibition of flowers or cats, go with the child to an entertainment center, etc. You can pamper yourself with a gift, for example, buy a blouse you dreamed of, or eat a box of chocolates. The holiday should give positive emotions. Happiness, as we know, depends not only on external circumstances, it is inside us. But, even if you dream of a family, happy, joyful girls and women attract the opposite sex. Men should be well next to their darling, and angry looks and frowning face are not associated with happiness.

You can treat Valentine's Day in different ways. If you do not like this holiday, no one forces him to celebrate. But the idea itself is not so bad, because now most people do not have enough love. And this is not about passion, but about sincerity, warmth and mutual understanding. Of course, it is necessary to talk about your feelings on other days, but the holiday is a good reason to once again utter many pleasant words to each other.
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