14 cereals that are rarely used but very useful

The modern diet of average families is very poor. All the variety of cereals is limited to "buckwheat-rice-oatmeal-semolina." Housewives break their heads every day: what to cook today? At the same time, everyone wants to organize a full family ration. So they get all the necessary vitamins. Porridges are an integral part of the daily menu. What cereals to use so that they do not become boring?


The traditions of India and the Middle East give us Bulgur. This is a nutritious whole grain cereal from wheat. Its difference is the processing method. Wheat first give boiling water, and then dried. Bulgur in its composition carries such useful trace elements:
  • Vitamins of group B, K, E;
  • Beta keratin;
  • Useful trace elements.
The most useful is brown cereal, which is not peeled. To make porridge friable, it is necessary to soak it briefly before cooking.

Bulgur is easily absorbed in the body, helps to improve the complexion and condition of the hair.

Andrei buckwheat or quinoa

"Golden Grain" enjoyed popularity among the Incas and after spread throughout the world. Today it is a favorite dish of vegetarians. In addition to useful trace elements, porridge contains protein, which is similar to animal. Quinoa is rich in phosphorus and calcium. Only fish can compete with it. Vitamins of group B, fats and cellulose will also get to an organism with such porridge.

When consuming Andean buckwheat in your diet, you need to remember that it contains gluten.

Arnivka or "Artek"

This cereal is undeservedly forgotten. It is ground spring wheat. The main advantage of cereals is the increased immune system. Porridge is shown to people who are subject to physical stress. Rich composition contains:
  • Vitamins of group D, E, A, K and B;
  • Useful trace elements;
  • Omega Fatty Acids
Arnovka helps normalize fat metabolism in the body. Wheat porridge helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Corn grits

Corn grits differs in advantage and high tastes. Many people like it and today it is widely used in various kitchens. Corn grits leads to cereals for the first feeding of the infant and is indicated for allergies. It rarely causes pathological reactions and is well absorbed by the body.

The composition of cereal from crushed corn includes vitamins B, A and E.


Crumbly, noble cereals will appeal to every gourmet. Couscous is a coarse product of rye or wheat.

Couscous is very nutritious and healthy. It contributes to the rapid saturation of the person and the removal of bad cholesterol.

Rich composition with microelements and vitamins increases immunity and improves the condition of all systems. This cereal is especially useful for women. Couscous contributes to the normalization of the reproductive system in women and the establishment of hormonal levels.

Couscous should not be cooked. This will destroy its vitamin composition. It is enough to brew and insist or cook for a couple.

Farik or Frike

This cereal is for real gourmets. For its production are used wheat grain. It is smoked after being harvested still green.

Fricke in the diet is a real prevention of diabetes. Croup helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Smoked green corn is also good for the eyes and the gastrointestinal tract.

Due to smoking, dishes from farika have a very pleasant and bright taste.

Oatmeal or bearberry groats

In the manufacture of cereals, grains of oatmeal or barley disappear and dried. After that, their sense, turning into a softer product.

Porridge as if envelops the intestines and has a calming effect. Therefore, it is recommended for people with inflammatory processes or chronic gastrointestinal diseases. These properties of Oatmeal groats are useful for song, kidney, and light. It removes toxins and cholesterol from the digestive tract.

Vitamins and trace elements in the composition of bear flour have a restorative effect. Such porridge in the family menu will help improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. Oatmeal restores cells and promotes rejuvenation.

Wild wheat or kamut

Wild wheat is older than its modern relative. Archaeologists in the graves find the grains of Kamut, which, moreover, are well preserved. It looks more like cereal than the usual wheat grains. It tastes more nutty taste. Therefore, it is well suited for both meat and sweet dishes.

The composition of wild wheat is rich in lipids, salts, zinc, magnesium and vitamins of groups B, A and E.

Kamut groats are also ground, like modern wheat, and used in baking.

Dwarf Millet or Teff

This plant is germinated in hot countries. It has high levels of drought tolerance, which is why it is widely popular in Africa. Another value teff is a composition rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins.

Teff Groats do not contain gluten, so it is well suited for vegetarians and vegans.


The barley is produced by crushing unpolished barley grain. It used to be very popular in our latitudes, and today it has been undeservedly forgotten. Groats do not differ refined taste, but very useful. Broths from cereals have anti-inflammatory and firming properties. it is shown to people with gastrointestinal problems. The composition of the yachts includes a wide range of trace elements and vitamin.
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