Laser facial cleansing

More and more girls and women are resorting to laser facial cleansing. During the session, the skin relief is not only leveled, but also the release of such a substance as collagen is stimulated, which gives the skin elasticity and firmness. In addition, there is a normalization of fat metabolism and general facial rejuvenation. The procedure does not cause side effects, and the recovery process takes very little time.

Hardware technique in cosmetology is becoming increasingly popular due to the effectiveness of procedures and quick results. As a rule, such methods are used in combination with traditional methods. Qualified specialists will diagnose and recommend a suitable method of treatment and a range of possible procedures.

Due to the properties of the laser, any skin imperfections are eliminated and affect the overall appearance of the face. This procedure allows you to restore the overall tone of the face, level out the old scars and traces of skin damage, eliminate pigment spots. Also, laser polishing makes it possible to eliminate the effects of chicken pox or allergic manifestations.

Laser treatments help to improve the structure and color of the skin, give a healthier look and stimulate the production of collagen, which has a rejuvenating effect.

Why laser facial cleaning

Laser facial cleansing is used in cases where it is necessary to improve the appearance of the skin, without resorting to radical methods. General indications for the procedure are:

Enlarged pores

The problem of wide pores worries many women. As a rule, such formations occur due to contamination of the skin of the face, permanent application of cosmetics - or simply a genetic predisposition. After applying the laser, the surface of the face will be more uniform and smooth.

Uneven skin texture

Heterogeneity of the skin can be triggered by both external conditions and problems with the immune system, which may indicate serious health problems. Laser cleaning provides an opportunity to eliminate the external manifestations, but you should definitely contact a qualified specialist and undergo a comprehensive diagnosis of the body.

The crow's feet effect around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, and that is why it is here that the manifestations of dry skin or any age-related changes appear in the first place. Passing a laser brushing will help eliminate problems with the area around the eyes and give the face a more rested appearance.

Age-related skin changes, including mimic wrinkles

All women want to stay attractive and look young. Laser therapy stimulates the formation of natural collagen, which more effectively makes the skin more elastic and toned,

Dark spots

Freckles, moles and other formations can be removed painlessly and quickly due to the active use of the laser during the procedure.

Defective effects of operations

Laser grinding removes scars and stitches from the skin quickly and painlessly. Consequences of diseases - like chickenpox or allergies Using a laser will give your skin a healthy and rested appearance, removing any traces of the disease.


What is the secret of the effectiveness of laser procedures? Everything happens due to the use of a laser beam, under the influence of which the top layer of dead skin is destroyed. Due to the acceleration of regeneration processes, the skin is updated faster.

Before the procedure, the face is cleaned with cosmetics. First, the remnants of any cosmetics are removed, after which the top skin cover is treated with a special antiseptic solution. After this preparation, a laser tuned to a specific frequency is used to treat problem areas of the skin on the face.

During the processing of skin defects, the laser does not have a deep penetrating effect, which eliminates the possibility of scarring and other consequences.

Active laser stimulation of blood circulation leads to the production of collagen, improving skin respiration. The face becomes more elastic, becomes healthy and rested appearance, wrinkles are tightened.

How to prepare for laser facial cleansing

Before the procedure of laser face cleansing, some preparation of the skin is necessary to prevent possible problems during the treatment of the skin. Plan a trip to the beautician in advance, as the skin to such an effective, but still active effect, you need to prepare the face with the help of some manipulations. Two weeks before the use of a laser, sunbathing and sunbathing are prohibited - this causes skin pigmentation, which can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. It is also strongly not recommended to steam out the face for three days or less before the laser cleaning.

Keep in mind that procedures for peeling and other chemical and mechanical effects on the skin of the face should not overlap each other. Too active and frequent cleaning of the skin can lead to serious injuries, because the upper layer will not have time to recover. Before going through the laser cleaning, be sure to consult with the master cosmetologist and tell about the procedures that have been completed that may affect the result. Two weeks before the laser is used, it is necessary to stop any manipulations with the skin of the face, especially of a chemical nature.

Remember that before any medical and cosmetological procedures you should consult a dermatologist. Some external skin defects may indicate a malfunction of the body. Exposure to external manifestations may lead to complications or lack of effect from the whole procedure.

Recommendations after the procedure

To prolong the effect after laser exposure to the skin of the face. A number of simple recommendations should be followed. As a rule, it concerns aggressive environmental factors.

After laser cleansing of the face, it is necessary to temporarily reduce the duration of stay outdoors - exposure to sunlight, active compounds contained in the air, wind and cold can significantly reduce the effects of the procedure. Such external influences can harden the skin and slow down the regeneration process.

Also immediately after passing the procedure, you should postpone the visit to the solarium and sauna.

Restoration of the skin cover lasts no more than three or four days and proceeds without possible side effects and does not require additional control by a specialist. The skin of the reconstructed layer gets fat much smaller and looks younger. Also, do not need to take care of special creams and masks for additional effect.

Laser cleansing can be repeated after a month, and in order to achieve a significant improvement in skin condition, 2–4 sessions of therapy may be required.


As with any medical procedure, the laser effect on the skin has a number of contraindications:


Laser peeling is not recommended before the age of 22-25 years, since until this age the skin is able to regenerate itself effectively.

The presence of inflammatory processes or infectious diseases

The external manifestations of a number of diseases can affect the condition of the skin and the active influence will distort the clinical picture or be ineffective. In this case, you should undergo a full examination.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy hormonal changes occur in the body, the manifestations of which can be displayed on the skin condition. During this period, any cosmetic procedures will not give the desired effect.

Herpes and fungal diseases

Such diseases are recommended to heal before using the laser - they can progress and slow down the regeneration of the skin, spreading to deeper layers.

It is also worth considering that if you have too sensitive skin, procedures for active cleansing can be too traumatic. If you have dry and normal skin, it is better to notice the use of a laser for softer methods of cosmetic facial cleansing. If the skin is of the combined type, peeling should be carried out only in areas prone to excessive grease secretion.

What you need to know about laser facial cleansing

Modern methods of cosmetology involve the use of an integrated approach to eliminate various skin defects. The laser effect allows you to quickly and effectively improve the complexion, remove irregularities. The problem of enlarged pores and excessive fat formation is also easily solved with the help of a laser. For girls with normal, dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use softer cleaning methods. On the combined face, only problem areas are peeling.

With the help of laser exposure and mimic wrinkles are eliminated. The beam of laser beams actively stimulates blood circulation, increasing the formation of collagen. This effect helps make the skin more toned, youthful and healthy, eliminates signs of fatigue.

If you have suffered diseases or surgeries, after which scars and defects remain on your skin, laser resurfacing will help eliminate any consequences. This procedure is most effective in eliminating scars.

However, it should be borne in mind that the procedure for laser cleaning requires preparation. Two weeks before this type of peeling, it is necessary to stop sunbathing and cancel any active physical and chemical effects on the skin. Also, do not steam out your face less than three days before applying the laser.

The effects of the laser are eliminated in 3-4 days - the skin completely regenerates and becomes healthy. During these days, you should limit the time spent on the street so that the impact of aggressive factors does not negate the effect of the procedure.

A significant improvement in the condition of the skin occurs immediately after the procedure, and for a longer effect you should go for 2-4 sessions.

Indications for laser facial cleansing

The main indications for the laser cleaning procedure are problematic and oily skin. This procedure eliminates the effects of surgeries, irregularities and other defects, including scars. The laser also contributes to the active rejuvenation of the skin of the face and the elimination of mimic wrinkles and obvious pigment spots of various types.


Cosmetic procedures are often carried out in a complex, which allows to achieve the maximum effect on the skin. The cost depends on the number of procedures and their duration. Before going through the procedures on the skin of the face and body, we recommend consulting a cosmetologist and a dermatologist.
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