Maslenitsa: traditions and dates of the 2019

Maslenitsa is one of the most popular holidays of the East Slavic nation. During this period, the arrival of spring is especially felt and many festivities take place. All this gives the holiday a special atmosphere. At the same time, the Carnival is a long enough celebration. He has many traditions and orders. One of the main traditions is cooking pancakes.

Traditions at Shrovetide

In 2019, the date of the celebration of Carnival falls on March 4-10. Fun and eating pancakes last a week and are crowned with a "kiss". March 10, forgiveness Sunday, people apologize for everything to each other and thank for their warmth and friendship. This day is also called a farewell, because it is then that they burn the main symbol of Shrovetide - a huge effigy. So winter ends and spring comes. All week carnival families bake pancakes and have fun at full speed. It is believed that the more satisfying these 7 days, the happier and happier the year will be.

Monday - "Shrovetide Meeting Day"

riding on a hill as a tradition at Shrovetide

The farewell winters begin on the day of the meeting of the Carnival. By tradition, families begin to bake pancakes and experience all the recipes for milk and kefir. Previously, on the "day of the meeting" they opened snow skating rinks and they all tested their sledges for the whole day. On the first day of the week form a scarecrow, which will be the face of the whole celebration.

Tuesday - "Play"

second day of carnival

The second day of carnival on March 5 is considered the day of young couples. On Tuesday, youth festivals are held in which young people meet and fall in love. According to the traditions of Shrovetide, the strongest and most successful pairs are formed. The ladies were dressed in special bachelor tags and the girls could choose their fiancé.

In "The Game" young girls gather in groups and guess. All the festivities are accompanied by feasts and eating pancakes, cooked according to different recipes.

Wednesday - "Lakomka" or "to the mother-in-law on pancakes"

Gourmet on the carnival

On Wednesday, March 6, street festivities are organized, they sell pancakes, sbitni and mead. Young people communicate and get acquainted. However, the main tradition is the campaign in-law to the mother-in-law on pancakes. Mom's wife prepares pancakes according to different recipes and with different fillings. The son-in-law should be full and satisfied.

Thursday - "Razgulay"

Shrovetide Razgulay

March 7, "Rumble." On the streets are organized various competitions and contests. Men are measured by strength and dexterity. Women, on the other hand, treat bastards with pancakes and special figures. March is also the day of arrival of spring. People are luring out the precursor. These are special figurines of cranes and doves.

Friday - "To son-in-pancakes"

Shrovetide traditions

The fifth day of carnival on March 8 is significant for each mother-in-law. On this day, one dresses up and goes to his brother-in-law on pancakes. The son-in-law treats her with delicacies and in every possible way satisfies her with fun and stories at the table. However, before this day, the mother-in-law should bring all the equipment needed for pancakes to the son-in-law's house: a frying pan, beaters, paddles and even a spoon.

Saturday - "On the pancakes to the pastry"

Sitting on the Pancake Week

Zalovka is the brother's wife. March 9, 2019, her husband's sister and other relatives come to her house. A young woman should show and show all her skills in baking pancakes. Arranged and warm family gatherings.

Sunday - "Kissman" or "Forgiveness Sunday"

Scarecrow Burning Traditions

Forgiveness Sunday has a special atmosphere. On this day, reconciliation, goodness and love reigns. This is the 7th day of Pancake Week. A scarecrow, collected on the first day of Shrovetide fun, is burned onto it.

There is a legend about the fact that Maslenitsa comes from the north and her father is Frost himself. She walked through the forest in the form of a wonderful girl, and one day a young man saw her there. He invited the girl to his village for a walk and she agreed. The next day she came to the people. However, its appearance was very different. Maslenitsa was a huge stocky woman with onion eyes and a loud laugh.

It is this image and entered into the tradition. Residents form a scarecrow in the form of a huge woman, which symbolizes Zimushka. On Sunday, she is escorted by burning, and the next day, according to legends, Spring wakes up.
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