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Modern technology allows girls to look great in any circumstances. The cold, heat, rain and wind are no longer an obstacle to the perfect hairstyle. To eliminate any effects of the weather or chemical methods of fixing the hair will allow such a procedure as lamination.

Every girl wants to look like a model on the cover, while using mountains of professional cosmetics. Flowing smooth hair without disheveled tips and perfect styling - all this promises to advertise care products. But most masks and shampoos have little effect on the appearance and do not guarantee a 100% result.

Now the majority of screen stars prefer a rather simple and effective way to long procedures - hair lamination. This procedure allows you to visually increase the volume of hair and guarantee a beautiful appearance. Lamination is useful for owners of both straight and curly hair. Do not worry, your curls will not disappear anywhere - on the contrary, they will become more lush and elastic.

What is hair lamination

Quite often ask the question, what is so useful lamination hair. Hair gain elasticity, flexibility and beautiful appearance.

In a healthy state, hair scales fit tightly to the base, but under the influence of wind and temperature, it will bristle and flake. That is why damaged hair splits, becomes faded and less shiny. During the procedure, a special composition is applied to the entire length of the hair under the influence of temperature. The film, which is formed on the surface, has a high density and maintains the integrity of the hair. At the same time, such a composition does not prevent the hair from “breathing”, making it slightly heavier and visually making it thicker.

After lamination, the hair increases in volume up to 15%, the original shine is restored and split ends are eliminated. The coating presses the exfoliated scales, which positively affects their condition and appearance, provides additional nourishment due to the vitamin composition of the laminate.

How is hair lamination

The lamination procedure takes no more than an hour and is quite similar to normal coloring. Individual parameters of the composition and number of applications depend on the initial state of the hair. At the beginning of the composition for lamination leave for 20-30 minutes. So that the composition is better absorbed, it is heated for about fifteen minutes. After that, the composition is washed with cool water.

At the heart of the laminate - protein, which actively nourishes and strengthens hair. The composition itself has a viscous structure without color and smell, does not cause allergies. After the procedure, each hair is covered with a protective film that glues all the damaged scales and split ends. This coating helps to make hair more flexible, elastic and smooth, increases the volume, promotes growth and improvement. In addition, the film has antistatic properties, repels excessive moisture and protects hair from all sorts of temperature effects during styling. After lamination your hairstyle will look perfect for a long time in any weather.

As a rule, it is recommended to repeat the lamination procedure with a frequency of 4-6 weeks - depending on how often you wash your hair and the effect of any aggressive factors. Also, lamination can be carried out more often, which allows to achieve a noticeable effect and improve the condition of the hair and without coating.

Indications for hair lamination

We can distinguish the following indications for hair lamination procedure:

Hair fragility, abundance of split ends

Due to the scaly structure of the hair under the influence of irritating environmental factors, the surface of the hair becomes non-uniform, thinning and losing luster. Coating with a special film in the process of lamination contributes to the overall strengthening, healing and improvement of appearance.

Naughty, thin hair

After the lamination procedure, the hair becomes heavier, add up to 15% in volume. Antistatic and water-repellent effect allows you to make even the most complex hairstyles.

Unhealthy hair condition

The protective film that is applied during the lamination process protects the hair from temperature and humidity drops, as well as from exposure to chemical styling products.

Faded color

Lamination is often carried out immediately after the hair coloring procedure. Thanks to the smoothing of the hair structure, the surface becomes smoother and better reflects light, which will allow the hair color to remain fresh for much longer.

Lamination effect

The lamination procedure is often carried out for aesthetic purposes and primarily involves improving the appearance of the hair. Also significantly improves the condition of the hair, their recovery occurs.

The result of lamination will be noticeable immediately: the hair becomes more docile, the hairstyle looks more luxurious and well-groomed, the antistatic effect allows you to look great in any situation, a noticeable healing effect and nutrition, protection from aggressive weather conditions - frost, wind, heat, freshness of color after dyeing. hair lasts a long time. Before traveling to the sea or to the mountains, it is recommended to undergo lamination in order to protect the hair from sudden changes in humidity and temperature. In addition, it will allow you to have a beautiful hairstyle for the entire holiday.

Remember that the lamination procedure is not a panacea for problems with hair and can eliminate only signs of external influences. Brittleness and dull color can be symptoms of other diseases, because, first of all, you should consult with your doctor.

Types of hair lamination

Lamination restoration of the original hair structure. All types of this therapy differ only in the composition of the laminate used and the nature of the active substances it contains. There are the following varieties:
  • Biolamination creates a cellulose-based hair coat that is contained in dandelions or zucchini, ensuring healing through a multitude of natural ingredients, and can also give a slight shade.
  • Phytolamination is an analogue of biolaminate, but it contains more vitamins and extracts and can also give an extra tone to the hair.
  • Glazing, as a rule, is applicable not only for restoration, but also for hair coloring. For the procedure, ammonia-free paints with a high content of ceramides are used.
  • Elyuminirovanie helps maintain shade after painting much longer and due to the acidic basis is much deeper effect on the hair.
  • Screening as a type of lamination is a protective procedure, but it has a stronger reinforcing effect.
  • Glossing requires a different method of application - the hair with the composition wrapped in foil and warmed up with an iron. This principle allows substances to penetrate deeper and have the most active impact.
Before you choose one of the varieties of lamination, consult with a specialist. The individual characteristics of your hair may not be susceptible to certain types of treatments.

What you need to know about lamination before you go to the salon

Each girl spends quite a lot of time for hair care. Modern technologies allow to give a well-groomed hair style for a long time.

Lamination of hair is designed not only to improve the aesthetic appearance, but also to have a regenerating effect on the hair structure. Scaly hair structure under the influence of external factors of weather or chemical styling changes. Lack of gloss, fragility, split ends - signs of violation of the smooth structure and flake gone.

In the process of lamination a special composition is applied to the hair, which envelops each hair with a special film. The protective coating has a slight water-repellent effect, as well as antistatic properties, which makes the hair more docile. Your hairstyle will no longer spoil the sea or mountain climate due to the active nutrients that saturate the hair during the procedure.

In addition, if you want to make a new hair color more resistant, lamination will be very useful. Due to the alignment of the hair structure, light is reflected more strongly, which adds shine to the hair. Some types of lamination allow to provide a light tinting effect without the use of dyes. The procedure of hair lamination will take no more than an hour, but the effect will remain for 4-6 weeks. You can regularly use laminate without compromising health - there is no over-saturation with the compound. Hair receive additional care and nutrition. The composition is odorless and does not cause allergies and irritation, because it is safe for health.

After lamination, the hair will look thicker and heavier. You no longer have to spend a lot of time every day on hairstyles using styling products - the form can be set during the application of the lamination composition.

Before registering for the lamination procedure, consult with the master. The type and composition of the procedure itself depends on the condition and length of your hair, the desired tinted effect.
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