5 Tips for Winter Foot Skin Care

In winter, we are especially attentive in caring for hair, taking care of nutrition and moisturizing the skin of hands and face. And, as a rule, we forget about the feet. Read further on what you can do to keep your feet skin healthy and beautiful in cold weather.

We accept foot baths

Useful and pleasant habit will be taking foot baths with healing herbs and essential oils. They should be done at least twice a week. Since we wear warm shoes and tights in the winter, our feet lose their ventilation and they get excessive sweating.

Warm herbal baths with calendula, hunter, chamomile and linden are effective for the prevention of foot sweating and the treatment of corns. A few drops of essential oils of needles, lavender or mint will have a relaxing effect and an aromatherapy effect.

Moisturize and nourish

In winter, the skin of the feet must be carefully nourished and moisturized no less than the skin of the hands. In the cold season, the body often lacks vitamins, so peeling and cracks may appear on the feet.

After a shower, it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream on the feet. After it is well absorbed, you can wear socks. In winter, it is better to buy products with an oily and nourishing texture, leaving weightless moisturizers for spring and summer.

We carry out oil wraps

Oils will help to cope with peeling and dryness. Wrapping is carried out in several stages:
  • Applying warm olive or coconut oil to dry and clean skin of the feet.
  • Wrapping the legs with bandages or a clean cloth.
  • Warming plastic bags and wool socks.
After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water. The result will be noticeable after 2 - 3 procedures.

We use a scrub

In winter, the upper layer of the skin is compacted, as it becomes drier and does not receive the necessary moisture. Horny dead particles must be removed. To exfoliate them, you can use ready-made scrubs and home remedies containing salt, oatmeal, coffee grounds, citrus peel, honey.

Scrub is better to apply on the feet while taking a bath. After it you need to apply intensive nourishing cream with light massage movements that will relieve tired feet.

We buy the right shoes

It is important to take seriously the choice of winter shoes. It should be comfortable and fit exactly in size and lift.

The best option is shoes made entirely of natural materials, or at least with a natural lining. It will prevent excessive sweating of the feet.

Also, do not wear synthetic tights and socks. It is better to make your choice in favor of wool and cotton.
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