Dishes for the New Year's table: delicious, beautiful and simple!

It only seems that the New Year's celebrations are not coming soon. Apparently, this is not at all the winter weather ... But we will not be able to blink an eye, both loved by both children and adults The New Year will stand at our doorstep and bring with it a joyful mood, fun, gifts, and of course, a festive New Year's Eve a meal warmed by the muted shine of candles sparkling in the reflection of Christmas toys.

Each hostess thinks about what to cook for the New Year every year, recipes for tasty interesting dishes are important for a family holiday.


Our festive table will decorate and diversify. Everything is incomparably delicious and that is important - it is prepared easily and quickly.
  • Tartlets with caviar: sandballs are filled with a mixture of curd cheese and butter with the addition of garlic and pine nuts. On top decorate with red and black caviar, a slice of lemon and dill.
  • Pear with cheese: halves of pears filled with sour cream cheese curd with the addition of crushed walnuts; Serve on a table with grapes.
  • Pancakes with salmon and cucumber: in thin pancakes wrap thinly chopped slices of salmon and cucumber, tie stuffed pancake arrow with green onions.
  • Canape French: wrap a cube of cheese with a plate of ham; on the toothpick to thread half of the core of the walnut, half of the strawberries, a leaf of green basil and cheese in ham.


Olivier - basins !? This, of course, is a joke! But you will agree, the more salads on the New Year's table, the more fun it is.
  • "Under the creamy" coat. "You can choose fruit and berries in your own taste (as an option: kiwi, apples, bananas, canned peaches), add crushed walnuts and pitted raisins, pour the cream mixed with sugar powder.
  • "Pomegranate drops." In cleaned shrimps, add cabbage, apple, lettuce and carrots, chopped dill and pomegranate seeds, cut with straws, fill with homemade mayonnaise.
  • "Citrus mood". Salted cabbage with salt, add sugar, sprinkle with lemon juice and crumple with hands to make the cabbage juice. This juice squeeze and add thin plates of ham, peeled off seeds and a film of orange slices, chopped dill. Season with paprika and sour cream.


In the New Year, a bird is always a great option for a hot bird. There are a lot of options here: a chicken roll, a goose with stuffed apples, a duck with ginger sauce and vegetables, a chicken with dried apricots (on skewers, like a kebab in the oven). Is it difficult to choose which hotter will be the main one on your table? And you ask the main gourmets - their men, what they like more: mushrooms, poultry, red meat or fish?
  • Fish rolls with lemon, boiled cauliflower or potatoes will serve as a garnish.
  • Cheese sauce with mushrooms.
  • Carbonade with prunes in bacon.
  • Meat with a stuffing: from cheese, from mushrooms, from prunes, from eggs.


What is the New Year's table without jellied? Here are options for every taste:
  • Assorted meat
  • Pike perch with lemon
  • A tongue with horseradish
  • Ham with cucumber
  • Herring in the jelly
When cooking it is good to add boiled carrots and a slice of lemon, and eat it with fresh parsley.

Undoubtedly, each hostess has his own piggy bank of time-tested recipes, but sometimes I want diversity, impromptu, something unknown. And why not try, adopting the proposed new ideas of New Year's recipes. How to know, maybe they will move into your piggy bank favorite dishes. Create and cook with love!
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