Why do children cheat or how not to grow a liar?

Sometimes it happens that parental education brings unexpected results. Such as children's lies. Cheaters and liars children are not born. Usually it is the consequences of the mistakes of his close people. To understand how to respond to a child's lie, you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. After all, the problem is much deeper. Deception and falsehood signal a child’s psychological discomfort and unmet basic needs. Psychologists identify 4 main causes of lies in a child.

Bad example

example child deceive

Hearing a lie from your child, just evaluate your behavior. Think about how often you lie with the crumbs? For example, friends that you are busy and can not meet with them. Or in other seemingly innocuous situations. The fact is that a child takes everything at face value. he cannot separate lies for the good from banal lies. Therefore, it is better to always remain honest with the child. Especially when it comes to the kid himself. You can not deceive him and hope that he is too small to understand. Children all feel. Be extremely honest with your loved ones and then you will not have a question: What to do if a child lies?

Pursuit of praise

child writes stories

A small child often deceives parents to appear better. This happens when parents are very demanding of their child and extremely mean for words of approval. The only way to get attention for a child is to be better. But it’s not always good and great to be. And then the child begins to invent situations in the kindergarten and school, in which he was allegedly singled out. To mom said: "That's how good you are!".

With such a dislike, the child can lie not only to parents, but also peers. Or older people. He talks about rich parents, situations at home, or travels that are not really there. Thus, the kid is trying to somehow give himself confidence and gain recognition.

To prevent such a lie you need to become more patient. You can not blame the child for bullshit, you can not compare it with other children. Need to learn to praise the child. Just do it for real merit. Just less to find fault with the crumbs and be able to notice in his actions the good and important. Prove to your child that he is important and important for parents.

Justification for yourself and loved ones

child lies in defense

Usually the total control is the basic cause of such deceptions. When a child is required to tell everything that happens on the street, at school or in kindergarten. Especially often it occurs in delicate situations. When something happened and the child is forced to snitch and "hand over" friends. The kid does not want to do this and he begins to lie. The more control, the more often the child deceives. It is better to establish a relationship of trust to the child and be content with what he tells on his own initiative.

It is also necessary to deceive children who are ill-informed about their parents. For example aunts, uncles or grandparents. Then the kid has to lie to justify the family and prove that they are not bad.

Fear of consequences

the child is cheating with fear of punishment

For particularly strict parents, the child is cheating to avoid punishment. This happens when the child is deducted for the slightest offense. When every little thing for his parents, or one of them, equates to the end of the world.

Treat the punishment more thoughtfully. Take away more than half of the punishments and more often tell yourself and the child: no big deal. it happens. Together we can fix something. Stop being too strict. Let the baby know that you are his protector and support, not a generator of control and punishment.
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