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In our society there are some unspoken rules used by parents. Sometimes, it happens completely unconsciously. So parents raised us, we observed such a model of behavior during our growing up in society. Therefore, sometimes, completely automatically, such techniques are used on your child. But is this behavior so pedagogical and does such an education give the result?

Categorical "No"

prohibition and upbringing of a child

What kind of parent did not say categorical "No" to their child? However, sometimes such a model fails and the child generally ceases to obey. Psychologists recommend completely abandon the word "No." This does not mean that you need to remove all restrictions. Just rephrase it. For example, "We do not indulge in the store" or "From the hot oven you need to move away and not touch." In addition, you need to explain the crumbs why we do it. At an older age, the ban must be reinforced with love - "I want you to obey, because I love you and worry about you."

Cry in response to a tantrum

hysterical and raising a child

Very often, when the child begins to “wake up” the parent tries to stop this behavior and starts screaming. However, the reaction of the baby does not justify itself at all. With a cry, the parent only demonstrates the model of the behavior of the hysteria and fixes it in the child’s mind. This is how the program is created: Is something wrong? - Scream.

In exchange for this, during a tantrum of a child, one should emphasize one’s calm state. A parent must be adamant, but completely calm. The crumb will quickly copy such a model of behavior and become calmer in crisis situations.

Standing instructions

instructions and education of the child

there is no such mother who did not feel like a parrot. A small child often needs to repeat some requests and instructions many times. This is a completely wrong method. As a result, the baby simply ceases to take into account the words of the parent. If you observe such a situation, then you should try the “All the way around” method.

For example, the most common situation, "take away toys" can be considered. Instead of constant repetition, the parent simply needs to scatter the toys. Toss them to the most unexpected places. For example, by the child’s bed or under his desk. Constantly bumping into toys, the crumb will come to cleaning itself. It will only be necessary to remind him of her.

"An eye for an eye"

child bites and nurturing

Often, among moms, you can hear a lot of stories about constant bites or bumps from a child. To wean a child from this habit, some parents recommend hitting the child or biting in response. Like, so baby will understand that it hurts and stop. In real life, this method often fails. Admission only entails the following problems. The crumb becomes hysterical and completely uncontrollable. After all, the parent descends to the psychological level of the child and simply loses its credibility after being bitten and hit in response. So you can not do. To eliminate such a problem, it is enough just to confidently grab the hand of the crumbs, take him by the shoulders and say confidently that this cannot be done. Mom hurt and hurt.


conversation with a baby

Many mothers from big love strongly lisp with a child. They really want to talk with him affectionately and it is quite natural and natural. But talking with a child is better than with an adult. This does not mean that you need to read him Immanuel Kant. Need to speak gently, just clearly. After all, the more words a child hears from parents, the faster they will hear these words from him.
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