Tips for those who start to train

Starting to engage in, many novice athletes make a number of mistakes, trying to build muscle as soon as possible. This can not only make training ineffective, but also have a negative impact on health. Therefore, it is worthwhile to follow a series of simple recommendations.



The most common mistake among beginners is the rumor that the more frequent the training is, the faster the muscles will increase. This is not so - the secret is to load the muscles in accordance with the correct schedule. Muscles do not increase during the workouts themselves, but during rest and breaks. In the process of training, various microtraumas and tears arise, which give space for muscle growth and increase in volume. That is why it is important to take breaks between workouts and spend them no more than 3 times a week, giving the body a rest.


At the initial stage, your training should not last more than 30-45 minutes. This time is enough to complete the basic exercise program. If you need more time to complete programs, increase the rest time between sets and stick to the same pace. Later, you can increase the duration of your training up to one and a half hours, and if you take part in competitions, then up to three.


It has been experimentally proven that in order to build muscle in one approach, the number of repetitions should be no more than 15 and not less than 6 times for each exercise. If you do not reach a minimum, then in the process of training there is a development of strength qualities, and if you do more than 15, then you develop endurance of the body.

The best for gaining muscle mass is 10-12 times and 3-4 approaches for each exercise. The number of approaches depends on the entire training program. For novice athletes, it is recommended to observe one program for no more than 2 months in a row. This approach will help avoid addiction and evenly develop all muscle groups. However, it is recommended to consult with a trainer for programming.


Stability in the process of weight gain is ensured by a gradual increase in working weights. But over time, the body adapts to the load, because muscle growth rates fall markedly. Professionals solve this problem by reducing the rest time between approaches - from one minute to 10-15 seconds. For beginners, it is important to take care in the process of increasing working weights. It is necessary to move on to the next step in the case when much more repetitions can be done with the weight than at the beginning. It is necessary to increase weight only by 1, 5-4 kg.

Before starting any workout, you should perform a full warm-up, which will reduce the risk of any injury. It is necessary to carry out stretching, running, jumping, etc., both before the general training and before each exercise.

If you do the exercises incorrectly, this can lead to incorrect weight distribution and minimizing the effect of training. That is why, before the start of enhanced workouts, you should perform exercises with low weight for developing common techniques.

You should not worry about a set of muscles - the first 2-3 years under normal conditions, you gain 3-4kg per year, then this figure drops to 2-3kg. However, the growth of muscle mass also depends on the genetic characteristics of each individual person, on the diet and sleep patterns.


Proper nutrition is the key to successful formation of muscle mass. Your diet should be balanced and consist of proteins, vegetable fats, vegetables and fruits. You should not be zealous with portions, it will negatively affect your figure. Refuse from alcohol, fried foods, large amounts of sweet, salty and flour. Stick to a stable meal schedule and eat 4-6 times a day. In addition, replenish vitamins with special complexes.


If you do not provide your body with proper rest, it can lead to muscle exhaustion and nullify the entire effect of training. This depletion is eliminated only by medication and a long recovery period - about 2 months. Do not rush and increase the load gradually - this will achieve the desired result. In order to relieve fatigue, take a hot shower after workouts, which will increase blood circulation in the muscles, perform a self-massage, or do a light workout after considerable stress.

Healthy sleep is the key to well-being. Train yourself to a certain daily routine and set aside for sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Observing the balance between workouts and rest, as well as eating right you will achieve the maximum effect and quickly achieve the desired forms. Do not forget that before starting workouts you should consult with your doctor and trainer.
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