The sixth sense, do not let me down! 7 exercises for the development of intuition

Intuition tells us how to act in this or that situation. But those people whose inner voice does not respond to the questions asked, once again make sure that they do not have a sixth sense. However, scientists are confident that every person has intuition. This is a form of consciousness that is easy to develop and sharpen in the daily bustle. Do you want to become an insightful person and avoid as many mistakes in your life as possible? Read the article.

The feeling that helps us solve everyday problems, Einstein called the "feeling on the fingertips." And although the origin of this term is not fully understood, neuroscience claims that the sixth sense makes life easier and opens the way to the future. We offer 7 techniques, thanks to which you will learn to solve the clues of fate and make the right decisions.

1. Contact with the right hemisphere

We know that the left brain is responsible for logical thinking, and the right for imagination. Teachers from an early age teach children to talk and analyze. But how to wake up and use your own intuition, will not tell anywhere. This science is comprehended with a psychologist or independently.

In order for your inner "conductor" to wake up on time and work properly, develop the right hemisphere of the brain. All kinds of creativity are suitable for this: singing in a choir, painting, Latin American dancing, writing, photographing, etc.

Creativity activates the work of the right hemisphere, why the imagination develops!

Here is another effective way to develop intuition - try to write or brush your teeth with your left hand. After all, it is known that this limb is in contact with the right hemisphere, and the other - on the contrary, with the left.

2. What is a dream coming for us?

Start a new habit - every day before going to bed, try to relax and engage in dialogue with yourself. Remember the urgent problem that is bothering you today, and mentally ask your subconscious mind to solve it at night.

Put a notebook and a pencil next to the bed. After waking up, write down everything you dreamed, down to the smallest detail. It can be a metaphor, an abstract silhouette or a specific object. Now combine the details seen in the big picture in order to get a detailed answer. To make the experiment a success, try asking the same question before bedtime during the week. Then you learn to hear and understand your inner voice.

3. Playing "Traffic Light"

Imagine clearly in your head a traffic light where the red color warns of danger, yellow gives you a chance to think and weigh the choice, and green confirms the correctness of the decision and opens the way forward.

Practice your intuition by playing Traffic Light!

In order for the brain to subsequently correctly interpret the life charades, it is important to remember the sensations caused by such a play of colors. So first ask yourself questions, the answers to which you know for sure. For example, how old are I, what are the names of my next of kin or what year I was born? Watch your feelings and colors change before your eyes. After the subconscious becomes more pliable, go to the exciting topics. For example, whether to go on a regular trip or postpone the departure?

4. Training with eyes closed

Stand in the center of the room and select your favorite item in it, for example, a plate of fruit. Carefully look at the object, remember all the nuances and fix the whole picture in your head. Now tie a scarf over your eyes and imagine the image of the object. On what grounds do you feel it and how do you distinguish it from other household utensils?

Try to go around in the space with your eyes closed and determine which side is the plate. So you learn to feel the situation, see the solution in advance and navigate in the dark. The main thing is to train regularly in order to quickly reach the cherished goal.

5. The game “Well, guess what! "

Did your phone ring? Do not look at the screen and try to guess who it is. Over time, you will feel progress in the development of the sixth sense. When you perfect this skill, go on to the next part of the exercise. Think about the purpose for which a mother, sister or husband calls. It remains only to pick up the phone and find out whether you are right or not.

Do not answer the call until you guess who wants to hear you!

How else to play? Before you go out, imagine the image of the person you meet first on the way. Think about what kind of clothes he is wearing, where he is in a hurry and if he smiles. Now run to the fresh air to check your own guesses!

6. A weighty argument

There are moments when it is difficult to decide among two options what to do. To choose the right direction, weigh both solutions.

First, practice with those questions that you know the exact answer. To do this, sit down, relax and put your hands on your knees, palms up. For example, are you sure you enjoyed a cappuccino in the morning? Put the word “coffee” in one hand, and “tea” in the other. Now ask yourself: “What kind of drink did I make for myself for breakfast”? In which hand you feel warm, look for the answer there. After a while go to difficult questions.

7. A partner will help

Invite a friend to play with you. Let a friend, sister, or colleague use facial expressions and gestures to tell about a funny event from your life. The main thing is not to say a single word and not move your lips. Your task is to mentally imagine the situation, follow your own feelings and retell what you understand. It is important not to know about the episode, otherwise it is easy to guess what is at stake.

Try to retell the story of a friend, shown by gestures and facial expressions!

Work with intuition, and your life will change in a positive way. The sixth sense will help you choose a profession, meet new people, improve the quality of food, get rid of bad habits and find the man of your dreams.

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities!
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