How to become an optimist?

Many believe that the fact that a child will grow depends on their parents. Some support this statement, others refute it. So, let's speculate what a person needs, as he grows up, so that he can overcome difficult periods in life, converges with people, and solve his problems amicably. For a successful and happy life, it is enough for a person to be optimistic and to look for pros even in the most negative situations. When a person looks at life simply and with a smile, all the troubles and problems become small and insignificant.

Cheerfulness and optimism allows you to avoid depression, nervous breakdowns and other negative emotions. How to become an optimist, the question arises himself sosboy. Let's try to figure it out!

Martin Seligman - an American psychologist believes that optimism is not an innate trait of character, this feature has been formed over the years. In his theory there is a formula: success is equal to talent, plus the desire to act = from here a person receives optimism. It is by following this formula that a person can reach great heights and succeed.

Children's optimism

Advice from a psychologist regarding the question of how to help children find this feature “to become an optimist”!
  • A child from early childhood must be taught to be active! When a person at any age feels that he is helpless, it makes it clear that he is dependent on circumstances. It should deprive the child of the feeling of dependence, he must be aware that he can and must deal with any difficulties, adapt or change circumstances, deal with various problems that have arisen in his way. Only when a person seeks to comprehend something, does he go from the lesser to the higher, thereby gaining confidence and a touch of optimism;
  • Failure? No problem! It is necessary to explain to the child that he should take all the failures and problems that have befallen him, calmly perceived. Even an adult is sometimes difficult to perceive the "fall", and a small child, at times more difficult. However, each parent must say and pronounce that problems are a temporary phenomenon that will pass!
  • Show a positive example! “Children absorb like sponges” - surely everyone had heard such a statement, and it is authentic! When a child sees how his parent behaves in a given situation, he begins to copy the behavior of an adult. And if parents look at life calmly, and perceive everything positively, then the child will learn the same approach. In the case when parents constantly criticize, complain - then helplessness is formed in a child!
  • Self-esteem is an important factor in human psychology. If a child from childhood will feel love and care, his self-confidence will be at the level. And in the future, when he will have to communicate with others, and to know the outside world, a confident child will be more open and purposeful!
Parents who read the book "Child optimist" will be able to find an approach to their child much faster and easier! The sooner you start putting the notes of optimism in a little person, the faster and better the result will be. If you surrender to the ideas of the book, you can understand from it:
  • Pessimism is at the stage of popularity, there is a lot of it and it is everywhere, however, optimism must be used as a medicine, and then it will be easier to carry out prevention than a complete treatment of pessimism.
  • Development takes place in the process of overcoming helplessness and helplessness. It is very necessary to let the child understand that he is strong, independent, and will be able to overcome the difficulty that has arisen.
  • The structure of thinking is very important factor in the perception of the external world, and all the events in it. It is necessary to learn to see it through the prism of optimism, to turn all negative experience into positive, and to take exceptionally good! To change a bad situation for the better is a force that is not given to everyone.
  • Do not make mistakes in relation to children in the process of their education. No need to do something for your child, this is clearly superfluous. It is better to give support to the child, or simply to console him, however, it is not recommended to do everything for him.
  • Optimism is better perceived when all the information is submitted correctly, that is, truthfully and without deception.

Self-esteem and its level

To avoid all obstacles and failures - is impossible! Self-esteem is formed from the achievements and their number. It is important not to avoid problems, but to deal with them. Failure in a particular case is also an experience, one learns from mistakes, so it’s better not to go away from negative phenomena, it’s better to look at them from the right positive side. Work and perseverance is more important than success, it is the ability to not give up and being persistent gives you the opportunity to achieve heights.
  • Negativity is also useful, it carries a sense of anxiety, which causes a person to move and act. You can not live life and never experience anger, irritation, anger, resentment. All emotions, no matter what they are, it is important to understand and guide them in the right direction.
  • A child who has an optimistic attitude knows and is sure that he is worthy of a good life, precisely because it is so determined, and not due to some circumstances. Success lies in skills, and is not associated with luck. But if a person faces a mess, then this is followed by the search for a solution to the problem.

Why do you need to think positively?

For a very long time, the whole field of psychology was focused on studying various psychological disorders of a person, and now, psychologists strive to make people's lives better by means of their thinking. Learning to be happy and enjoy every day and event is a lot of work. Psychologists have found that positive thinking affects a person's life is definitely better. After all, thinking is optimistic is always a plus. Optimism is new discoveries and emotions, inspiration, ease and understanding that a person is a strong being. Pessimism - act completely in another direction. He undermines confidence in himself, develops helplessness, reduces the level of activity. Martin Seligman gives advice on how to become an optimist and an adult.
  • It is necessary to determine what happened.
  • Rate it, and understand why it is perceived from a negative point.
  • Understand why such an assessment was given.
  • Expand your feelings and emotions with regards to events.
  • Try to find other activities, distract.
  • After that, look at the event from the other side.
  • To challenge the negative attitude, and to understand why initially negative emotions arose to this event.
  • And now, act based on new independent arguments.
Optimism and pessimism are not a disease, and not a verdict of doctors, it is just a certain factor that includes a person’s world view. Everyone can think both positively and negatively, for which he will not be condemned, but thinking optimistically, life becomes easier. It is worth learning, training, and laying in yourself only good. The book "How to learn optimism" Seligman will give answers to all questions, and help to find changes in perceptions and beliefs. The doctor offers a certain program:
  • It is necessary to take everything from life, and to receive from it exclusive pleasure. Such a feeling can be obtained from absolutely trivial things: going to a restaurant, shopping, charity, extreme sports, and other entertainment that people like.
  • The ability to see the chance that presents life. Only optimistic people can see a chance where not everyone sees it.
  • A smile acts only in a positive way, smiling people are more successful than sullen and numb. At work and at home, a smile will give the opposite result, by smiling at someone, you will immediately receive an answer. A good mood can fight even with feeling unwell.
  • Negative thoughts off! Our thoughts, beliefs and arguments may not be correct, therefore, sometimes it is necessary to refute them, finding them a positive substitute.
  • Develop as a person, strengthen your already strong points. Eliminating the shortcomings is not as easy as it seems, but improving the advantages is always easy!
  • Be on a good wave. Getting up in the morning, you need to immediately adjust yourself, that the day will be excellent, and there can be no other way. After all, the negative inhibits all possibilities, and prevents to solve problems.
  • Consider happiness - not everyone can see it, so you should always think only about the good. Personal interests and desires need to be satisfied, as far as possible. Always take time for yourself and your interests, then life will seem better and easier.
  • Past letting go and forget as fast as our time goes. After all, sad about the fact that it was possible until the end of his days. But to think optimistically and get a positive charge is needed here and now, so do not waste your time on memories.
  • Belief in yourself, in your bright future, helps to make it a reality. All of the above tips, formulas and rules are recommended for implementation, because you need to learn optimism and the sooner you start doing it, the better for you!
The skill comes with experience, so start thinking positively now, and don’t think about how much time is ahead! The main thing is to look at everything with a smile on your face and ease in your soul, and then life will show you its best sides.
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