Who is to blame, mother in law or daughter in law?

Do not provoke scandals. And if it is you, daughter-in-law, that cause a hostile attitude, analyze why, and only then decide what to do next. The causes of the conflict may be: failure to accept the choice of the son. But it is natural, everyone loves only their children. They are gods to them. Another reason is jealousy. After all, women by nature live by feelings, not by reason. The third - biological - climax. It is not a disease, but it affects the entire body.

Influence on the conflict has the character of a woman, living conditions, the attitude of mother and son, education.

How to solve a problem?

There is a story of the Old Testament. This is the story of Ruth and Noemin. So, Ruth's daughter-in-law does not leave Noemin’s mother-in-law after the death of her husband and son. Coming back in marriage, Ruth takes Noemin to her.

What causes enmity: you are jealous of your husband for the mother-in-law, and she is very afraid of losing control over her son. What kind of friends are mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Tell you one story

The mother-in-law was tormenting and tormenting her daughter-in-law, and she in return answered her love and respect. Congratulations to her, buying gifts, just to please her. I ignored taunts in my address, because they extinguish the fire with water, not gasoline. And the daughter-in-law put out her mother-in-law's malice.

Each party blames the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law feud. Try to pick up the key to the mother-in-law. Break yourself. You are young, beautiful, clever, loving her husband, and his mother is aged and tired. She lived for many years, and took care of her husband, of her children, and you just have to. And it is not known what you will be in-law after many years in relation to the wife of your son.

Learn to appreciate the good in mother-in-law. Close your eyes to the flaws. Thank you for your attention, future mother-in-law!
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