The computer will never replace the girl mom

Upbringing is a long process, not visible. The result should be serious and visible. Harmless computer games, to create life, family, getting a profession does not really help a child to master work, motility. They can not really help mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather. The girl plays, she is far from reality. She does not understand that all that she does in computer games, in real life, she does not do. In real life, everything is much more complicated.

What kind of makeup, what hairstyle can you learn in computer games? After all, everything is limited there. Imagine for a moment that a million girls are playing the same game in the same country. The next morning they will go out with the same hairstyles, the same makeup, in the same clothes of the same color and we will get a million twins. This is a monstrous sight.

Moms don't turn on the computer

Sit next to your daughter, take pencils and engage in the creative process of creating paper dolls, with a variety of hairstyles, patterns and colors of dresses, shoes. Take an ordinary doll, choose a style of dress for her, cut and sew the dress with your daughter. And you will help to master the basics of real life, which will be useful in the future of your girl.

Well, if you are moms, still turned on the computer, then take the trouble to develop the aesthetic taste and personality of your child. To do this, you need to find sites showing famous fashion couturiers who can not be denied aesthetic taste, and let there be live, real models, but it will not spoil, but will implant taste. The same sites exist for fashionable hairstyles, makeup. Let your girls watch the masters of their craft, learn from them, and not on soulless computer dolls. And you should be present and comment on what is happening, that is, to express your personal opinion.

Find TV programs or sites for children about children's fashion clothing, hairstyles, etc.

Mom, the computer can not and should not replace you. Do not lose your daughters.
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