Time Capsule is the best way to talk about your feelings!

Are you picking an original Valentine's Day greeting for your soulmate? Do you want to organize an Valentine's Day in your company? Time Capsule will say the main words of love for you! Coming up with an original greeting on Valentine's Day, you provide for yourself:

Unforgettable impressions

In their Time Capsule, lovers or just good friends will be able to put anything from a small flash drive with a video message into the future and ending with a stack of joint photos. Just imagine how pleasant it will be in many years to find your personal Time Capsule and return to that happy time!

Vivid memories

Your congratulations will be held at the highest level. This idea is not new, and there is a lot of experience in conducting such rituals abroad, so you can safely say that Time Capsule will create a romantic moment and will even more unite you as a couple or team.

Original gift

Are you worried that your Valentine's Day gift will not impress your loved one? In order for the Time Capsule to retain its significance for a long time, you can put a special engraving in the form of a symbol, date or a small message. Inside the cylinder, hide the treasured note with your message, stylized as an old scroll.

Already dreaming how loved ones will be pleased with such an unusual gift? Just do not forget to prepare your original Valentine's Day greetings in advance!
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