Emotional burnout mom (part 2)

In the first part of the article, we figured out what is burnout syndrome (EV) and found out which families most often encounter it. Determine that your nervous system is depleted, and you can independently, before a visit to the doctor, focusing on the characteristic symptoms. EV syndrome is not the flu when a person picks up a virus and the temperature rises in a day. It develops gradually and this can be seen, watching oneself, with one’s own sensations.

Stage EV

The sooner you can detect the symptoms of EV, the better. If you watch them with a loved one, you need to take care of him. He should feel that in the near, ready to surround him with care. You can bring him tea to bed, hug, stroke, put to bed, etc.

In total, there are 4 stages of emotional burnout:
  1. Mobilization. A person has a lot of strength, he lives a full and rich life, ready to devote himself to caring for a child. During this period, hormones are released, which help it to adapt to new conditions. Already at this time you should take care of yourself, remember that you are a person, not a car, that is, you need a rest.
  2. Stenicus. It is advisable to stop at this stage, relax, gain strength, because you can quickly recover. The woman has a feeling of fatigue, she becomes absent-minded and forgetful. Young mother is often sick, because the body is difficult to resist viruses. She begins to save energy, that is, not to rush somewhere, if this is not an emergency situation. Mom does not feel the joy of communicating with the child. It is hard for her to reassure a baby who has become capricious. Annoying everything, including any violation of plans. So, if she gathered on the street, and the child does not want to go, because she lost her favorite toy, she can yell at him. A young mother notices her irritability and has a feeling of guilt. Anxiety increases, self-esteem falls. The child feels the state of the mother and starts to be more naughty, behaves aggressively. The woman is again irritated, that is, a vicious circle is obtained.
  3. Asthenic. If, during the manifestation of the sthenic stage, nothing is done, the mother’s nervous exhaustion begins. She is not just annoyed, she falls into apathy, cries. Not only mental, but also physical health is undermined. The young mother is not happy with anything, including communication with the child. She can either fall down from exhaustion or suffer from insomnia. A healthy person in the morning wakes up awake and rested, gets tired during the day, and goes to bed in the evening. With nervous exhaustion, the opposite is true: in the morning he feels tired, overworked, struggles with his work, and is overworked in the evening, which is why insomnia is. Everything that brought her joy is now annoying, I don't want anything. A woman feels that she no longer has the strength to do some work. It seems to her that all her efforts are not needed by anyone, all people are ungrateful, self-esteem is falling. If a person has asthenic stage, he needs urgent help.
  4. Deformation. When this stage occurs, only a specialist can help a person; he cannot cope on his own. Personality deformation occurs. The psyche includes a defensive reaction and the person thinks that the problem is not in him, but in those around him. The parent blames the child for everything, starts to hate him. And, as a result, he behaves with him aggressively, constantly monitors and humiliates. This is an extreme stage, to which it is better not to reach, since there is no return from it.

How to help

If a woman is on stage 1 or 2 of the EV, she can handle it on her own. When the onset of 3 or 4 stages, you must contact a psychotherapist. If you wish, you can visit a psychologist earlier to deal with your problems, to find peace of mind. What else you need to do:
  1. Realize that you are the same person as everyone else, i.e. imperfect. But this is not a reason to constantly blame yourself, blame.
  2. Abandon part of their duties. Health and baby is more important than anything else. You may have to forget about a side job or shift some of your business to another. And remember that you do it not only for yourself. The baby does not need an exhausted, burnt mother. And other relatives will not just have to, if a woman becomes seriously ill and goes to the hospital. Therefore, it is in their interests to take care of it, to help something.
  3. Get enough sleep. An adult should sleep at least 7-8 hours. Only then can he fully recover. You can not sleep for 5-6 hours, it is harmful.
  4. Eat well, walk. If there are symptoms of EV, it is worth visiting a neurologist. He can prescribe medications necessary to maintain the nervous system, such as B vitamins or magnesium.
  5. Do not give up the hobby of any hobbies that help to raise your mood or improve physical well-being. If you like to knit - knit, need a massage - go to a massage therapist. In this case, it’s not worth saving, since the child needs not so much toys and fashionable clothes as a happy and loving mother. Let you have every day at least 1 hour dedicated to yourself.
  6. Chat with other people, including moms. Many have similar difficulties, and, discussing them, a person understands that he is not the only one who is experiencing and failing to cope, like him, a lot. And this makes it easier. In addition, experienced parents can always give good advice that will simplify life.
  7. Speak your emotions. You can find a girlfriend who can listen and support. Or go to a psychologist. When a person lets out his emotions, speaks them out, and he is not criticized for it, condemned and not appreciated, it becomes easier for him, the tension goes away.
If a woman has EV, this is not a reason to blame or scold her. It is not her fault. The task of loved ones - to pull her out of this state. And the young mother herself should remember that in taking care of herself and her needs, she does this for a child who needs a joyful, self-confident mother. And the usual orders for yourself not to shout result will not bring, since emotions are part of a person, they cannot be “frozen”. You need to rest, get enough sleep, do what you love, i.e. just be happy, and then the child will also be happy.
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