Anti-stress toys: needed or not?

The accelerated pace of life and an oversupply of information often cause people to experience stress. Modern man is not always able to find a way out for his emotions. But it is much better to immediately relieve the tension than to save the negative.

Someone helps sports, someone finds peace of mind in nature, and someone in order to abandon the care you just need to stroke the cat. But what to do if there is no opportunity to go to the forest or a fitness club, and your favorite fluffy refuses to become your personal anti-depressant? Scientists have found that a person can receive a portion of positive emotions from tactile sensations. Touches can calm and return composure. To understand what kind of anti-stress toy you should get, you need to get acquainted with all the popular varieties.

Anti-stress pillows

Pillows in the form of animals, fruits and funny figures are able to quickly cheer up. This happens not only due to the pleasant appearance (although psychologists do not deny the effect of color therapy). The fact is that as a filler in these pillows contain small polystyrene granules. Once a person touches them, fine motor skills are involved - he begins to touch these balls, thanks to which his thoughts become clearer, and nervous tension recedes. You can relax with such a pillow in a few minutes.

Compact size allows you to take similar products with you wherever you go. Even with prolonged use, their appearance does not change. Anti-stress pillows in the form of C-shaped rollers are especially popular. They are convenient to use for sleeping in a sitting position, so it makes sense to get such a pillow, going on a trip.


The boom in the popularity of spinners came in the past and the year before last, although this toy was invented in 1993. Bearing twist was originally designed for children with autism, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. Experts still do not come to a consensus regarding the effectiveness of a spinner with such ailments. However, the effect of toys on motor skills and concentration can not be denied.

Spinner allows you to escape from negative thoughts. There are many games and tricks to use them. If you are attracted to this toy, it makes sense to master them. Improving coordination with a spinner is quite realistic.


Small toys made of soft material, which when pressed quickly regains shape, often referred to as minks. Actually, the only purpose of a squirrel is that they need to be crushed. Taking hands is extremely useful when a person is nervous or waiting for something. Skvishi cope with this task very well.

Characters cartoons, donuts, ice cream and much more - on sale you can find all sorts of varieties of such toys, anti-stress. Unfortunately, shvishi can not boast of longevity. Their material is different elasticity, but over time, it appears creases and cracks.

Anti-stress cubes

Do you like to click the pen button in tense moments? Then this toy has every chance you enjoy. The cube is a miniature mechanical device that is equipped with buttons and switches for every taste.

There is a possibility that the clicking handle will annoy those around you, no matter how much you prove that you are fiddling with it unconsciously. There will be no such problems with dice. The toy is prudently equipped with buttons making sound and those that can be pressed without fear of attracting unnecessary attention. The small size of the cube allows you to put it in your pocket and use it when you need to calm down or let off steam.

Koromaru's Horns

This anti-stress toy changes facial expression if pressure is placed on it. Why it happens? Firstly, Kaomaru is made of elastic rubber, and secondly, except for the face, the figure has nothing more. You can make Kaomaru smile, give her an angry or surprised look. In any case, this toy is designed to distract from the routine and anxieties that await the modern man at every turn. Experiments with facial expressions are not limited to Kaomaru's horns. They, like skvishi, can be crushed in moments of strong emotional tension.


If simple actions fail to help you get distracted, it’s worth puzzling your hands. The most popular variety among such toys remains the Rubik's Cube. However, if you have learned to cope with it quickly, you should pay attention to other mechanical puzzles.

Labyrinths with rolling balls, snakes, megamexes, rope and collapsible puzzles allow you to concentrate on solving a clear task. Puzzles keep the brain in good shape, but provide an opportunity to "switch" from the problems, the solution of which caused difficulties. You can return to them after you solve the puzzle.

Antistress handle

This anti-stress toy is intended primarily for office workers. In appearance, it is difficult to distinguish it from an ordinary pen - it looks stylish and concise. That's just this instance has the ability to bend and spin in all directions.

If, in stressful situations, you want to break a pencil in half, crumple or tear a piece of paper, you should definitely carry this pen with you. There are several round magnets on its metal case. They can be moved, disconnected and connected to each other. Apart from the fact that the pen is easily disassembled and rotates, it does not imitate stationery that is familiar to everyone. The pen is equipped with a replaceable rod and can be used for writing.

Ball lizun in the grid

This anti-stress toy gives unusual tactile sensations to anyone who decides to use it. Inside the mesh with large openings there is a stinging substance. When trying to squeeze the ball through the holes, many small bubbles appear. If you relieve pressure on the ball, the bubbles immediately "hide" back into the net. Despite the simplicity of the action, this toy has already won the sympathy of many people, regardless of age. On the ball, you can throw out the accumulated emotions, squeezing it with all your might. He will return to the starting position over and over again.
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