What to do if you do not want to do anything?

Day overcame absolutely everything: study, work, friends, household chores - all laziness! And only one lesson does not make you feel unwilling - eating your favorite treat in front of a computer monitor. And so you can sit all day.

If you give vent to laziness and do not come to your senses in time, you can be drawn in and laziness will become not a one-day lesson, but a way of life. To prevent this, you need to understand in time what kind of disease struck your body and how to get rid of it. In the case when the desire to do the usual things is lost, and all attempts to control yourself end up as soon as you wake up, you need motivation.

This applies not only to domestic affairs, work or hobby, it is a global kick to action. And even if your favorite hobby can be postponed indefinitely, then work and personal life will not wait - here you need to resort to several solutions to the problem.

Rejected in society

The experiment in one educational institution was based on the fact that students needed to compile a list of the guys with whom they want to work. After, without looking at the written notes, the group was divided into two halves and each of them was told that they expressed their desire to work with one, the second half turned out to be rejected by their colleagues. The result is this: the outcasts have since ignored the general opinion and act solely in their own interests.

Hence the question: why change their behavior, if society does not want to deal with you? But if you follow the generally accepted rules - you are certainly waiting for a reward, social, of course. So, with regards to the outcast students, they now and then, that were drawn to the sweet, trying in this way to compensate for the lack of attention from colleagues. Scientists have concluded that the occupation of self-destruction occurs due to the lack of motivation, control over themselves.

One of the factors contributing to the loss of self is the lack of proper nutrition. Toilers often do not monitor the correctness of their diet, and eat exclusively fast food and office snacks. According to the results of research conducted by the scientists in the courts, it became clear that the main part of the sentences with a decision on a conditional term falls on the afternoon, after the judge has eaten well and his thought processes are improved.

In other words, mental retardation is not directly related to the depressed state, but to a lack of nutrients in the blood.

Sense of responsibility for decisions

Motivation may not be strong enough for fear of responsibility for the results of decisions made, regardless of their importance. And when there are a lot of minor problems,

You just give up and act irrationally. For example, unnecessary and rash purchases. And here it’s not a matter of physical tiredness, but a lack of psychological attention. And the more you have unsolved problems, the more you feel tired and unwilling to act.

Which exit

In the case when colleagues, friends turned away from you, you observe ignorance from those around you, the right decision would be to talk with these people. Perhaps the banal understatement has become an apple of discord in your relationship. In some cases, the problem is serious, but it must also be addressed through dialogue. In other cases, you may simply be incompatible with such people and there is no solution to this problem.

The recommendation in such cases is one - to radically change the environment. But this should be done carefully, and only if you know for sure that there will be no further cooperation and cannot be.

In the case when the problem is exclusively in one’s own depression, then it is worth starting with yourself, your discipline. As soon as you take care of yourself - the mood will change immediately!

Another tip would be to create your own solution schedule. It certainly should be a place to relax. When you know that you have rest today, and tomorrow is a laborious day - the mood will immediately improve.

And yet, maybe you are not depressed, you just need a little time to take a breath. To do this, protect yourself from social networks for the weekend, try to collect your thoughts, talk to your friends about something really pleasant. It may even be your job! Yes, it is conversation from the side about occupation, bringing income to your family that can be discussed. As a professional, you may be interested in stories about your everyday work life. Perhaps you yourself will look at your life differently.

And last, do not tire of praising yourself. Doing it every hour is not worth it, but a little praise for yourself loved does not interfere, but on the contrary, stimulates. And if someone from the others did it - and you can be proud of the correctness of their decisions!
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