6 ways to extend the life of a manicure

Despite the coating material, it is important for us that before a responsible day or during the long-awaited vacation, chipped and lacquer should not form on the nails. Here are some tips on how to extend the "life" of a manicure.

Preparation of the nail plate

An important stage in the procedure of manicure. Nails should be treated with special means for degreasing and drying. So the varnish keeps better and longer, does not exfoliate and does not peel off. In the composition of such funds should not be present oil.

After treatment, the base coat is applied to the nail for a better effect of bonding the varnish to the surface. This ensures the durability of the varnish coat. The most vulnerable places are the edges of the nail - the tips. To avoid this, you need as much as possible to press the lacquer layer to the nail in these places. For this reason, short nails remain beautiful much longer.

Coating Procedure

If you are doing a manicure not in the salon, but on your own, complete one rule: there is no need to shake the bottle of varnish before using it. This will only exacerbate the problem of poor manicure - after shaking the bottle, air bubbles form in it, due to which the coating will be uneven. After applying the two main layers, which will be quite enough, "seal" the tips of the nail - brush over the side edges of the nail plate.

Consolidation procedure

As soon as the top, second layer is dry, it is necessary to fix the result and apply a top coat. If we are talking about shellac, then we need a lamp or a special tool for drying the nail.

A little advice: nails dry much faster if you put them in a bath of ice water.

How to care

The final stage, when you need a means to care for the cuticle - oil, or softening hand cream, which are applied at the end of the manicure. In the process of socks every now and then there may be problems of chipping varnish, which spoils the mood until the next trip to the master. How to cope with it?

To hide the chip on the nail, you will need a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. To treat the place of detachment of varnish before smoothing the edges. After covering the nail with the same color or apply a close-in tone lacquer to the place of cleavage.

To freshen up already annoying manicure, cover it with a colorless top tool or a usual transparent varnish. It will become much richer and brighter, and the cuticle can be removed with an orange stick.

So you prolong the life of your manicure to the next procedure.
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