We serve the table for the New Year's celebration

On the eve of the holiday, we often think about how to make our dinner unforgettable and decorate the table for the New Year. Before each mistress there was a problem: the style of the table and how to decorate it for the holiday.

Every little thing is important

Snow-white tablecloth, red and white dishes, spruce or pine twigs, miniature vases with flowers, a handful of Christmas balls, a few openwork paper snowflakes - and a table for the outgoing year and meet the year of the future is ready! And about the classics of the genre - sparkling crystal glasses - have not forgotten? In a word, we turn into wizards and create.

Interesting ideas for decorating the New Year's table can be invented and most, most importantly, a little fantasy.

"The candle burned on the table ..."

  • Of apples (red, yellow and green), we cut out the cores and insert candles into their place; apples decorate with specks of sugar and glaze.
  • The classic option - candles in gold; wrap them with a thin tinsel with asterisks, and as candlesticks we use elegant cups from the service.
  • Cinnamon sticks or laurel leaves can decorate simple candles: from all sides, they put a candle (like a fence of a fence) and tie with a coarse string. But before lighting a candle, it is better to remove the ornament from it.

Please go to the table

  • On a plate for each guest you can put on an improvised cracker: in a colored transparent cellophane wrap a small piece of small chocolate medallions, tied on both sides with a string or a narrow ribbon like a candy, and then decorate it with sequins, asterisks, snowflakes from colored paper, foil and other decor.
  • Glasses can be painted with paints for glass, putting on them frosty patterns. Before use, the paint must be completely dry.
  • On the festive table there can be surprises prepared for every little guest: funny homemade items, trinkets with labels attached to them, containing jocular New Year wishes.
  • To give solidity to the event on the back of the chair of each guest, you can make a thematic cape from a dense red fabric with caraway on it.
  • Traditional napkins on New Year's Eve require a special "dress code." You can wrap a napkin with a device with a ring of yellow cardboard, which will be crowned with a heart, covered with gold paint with sparkles. And you can tie the napkins for the festive table with playful "scarves" with appliqué in the form of a heart and fringe. The main thing is that the colors of scarves should be combined with the tone of festive plates and napkins.
  • Glass buttons sew on the braid and wrap it with tissue napkins. The color of the braids is chosen depending on the color of the napkins or buttons.

In a royal way!

For a special celebration, it is not necessary to buy expensive utensils. You can decorate the plates with snow-white satin bows, put white and gold candles on a round dish in the center, and put New Year's toys next to the candles. Royal zest - decorated with the decor of the golden stars of the card, which will indicate the name of each guest.

For a quiet family dinner

A quiet feast - a cozy entourage: homemade tartan napkins, golden bows and balls for everyone sitting at the table. At the head of the table there is an artificial Christmas tree in a flowerpot.
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