What dreams warn about: ten common nightmares and their interpretation

Practically each of us has different nightmares during his life. Some are immediately forgotten as soon as morning comes, others force us to drench with cold sweat and wake up in the middle of the night. But why do we have such dreams?

If you have nightmares every night, this is a sign that you are overworked, have a strong emotional strain, and also indicate a general depletion of the body. Sometimes nightmares indicate a depressive state of a person, in this way our subconscious mind throws out everything that we experienced during the day with the help of dreams. Next, we present some of the most typical nightmares and their interpretation.


In the case when you dream that you are running away from someone, then most likely it means that in life you regret something not done or you cannot fix something, or you run away from unsolved problems and fears. Do not worry, try to remember if you have fulfilled all the promises? If not, keep your promise and nightmares will stop tormenting you.

Paralyzing fear, inability to move

When you see such a dream, you wake up, most likely in a depressed state. In reality, you are overcome by the feeling that you find yourself in such a situation from which it is impossible to find a way out. And whatever decision you would accept, the problem still remains unresolved. To get rid of such nightmares need to seek advice from friends or relatives, they may be able to see a solution to the problem.

Disasters, apocalypse or alien attack

Such dreams are heralds of great changes in your life. However, due to the fact that subconsciously you are not yet ready for them, you are overcome by doubts, indecision and fear of change. When you dream of an apocalypse that you see from the outside, then such a dream promises peace and prosperity. But if you dreamed that you were injured or died as a result of a catastrophe, then this could be harbingers of illnesses, troubles in work or school, and material damage.

Teeth fall out

This dream is one of the most common nightmares, and most often is a sign of loss of control over their lives in reality. In life, you are overwhelmed by feelings of insecurity in your abilities to overcome all life difficulties, or you are very afraid of becoming the object of discussion among others. In order to get rid of the oppressive feeling of uncertainty, you need to take in your hands and with your head held high to overcome all difficulties, not paying attention to the intrigues of detractors.

Skipping a very important meeting

When you dream of such a dream, then you just need a break from all affairs. This is how your body sends you a signal that you are experiencing an emotional overload. Surely, a whole kaleidoscope of events occurs in your life and you simply cannot solve all problems at the same time, no matter how hard you try to react to everything that happens in your life. And so the subconscious and "throws" you these dreams, where you are constantly late.

Falling from height

If you dream that you are falling from a great height, then in most cases this means that in real life you are confused and do not know what to do next. In addition, such a dream may be a sign that something did not work out for you and now you cannot overpower yourself to try everything all over again, as you are afraid that you will not be able to cope again. Such a dream suggests that you, on the advice of a friend, made decisions contrary to your principles and went the wrong way.

Going out without clothes

If you dreamed that you appeared naked in public, then in reality you feel a sense of shame or embarrassment. Most likely you are very worried because of some important event for you and are afraid of disgracing in front of everyone. Do not cheat yourself like that, believe in yourself and everything will work out for you.

Raging sea, breaking waves on a rocky shore

If you dream that you are drowning, it means overloading. Surely you now have a period when a lot of cases have accumulated and you are struggling with all your strength to solve all the cases at once. However, do not forget that stress adversely affects the body, if you start having such dreams, then leave all the problems for at least a little and arrange a little rest for yourself.

Driving a car

When you dream of such a dream, it means that you strive to keep everything under your control and are responsible for all your actions. If you dream that you are sitting in the passenger seat, then you should look at the one who is driving. As a rule, this is the person you are constantly worried about.

Loss of something very important

You probably think that you don’t have enough time to devote a little attention to important aspects of life for you, such as a good rest or cosmetic procedures for the care of your body. If you had such a dream, it means that you need to find time for yourself beloved. In addition, such a dream may portend the loss of his "I". In this case, you need to review your life path and choose what you really need.

A nightmare is not always a harbinger of something bad. However, when you have nightmares, it means that you are doing something wrong. According to psychologists in the case of the correct interpretation of nightmares, it is possible to find out the truth about yourself, which you feel, but do not fully want to be aware of. There are known cases when a person found a way out of difficult situations with the help of bad dreams.
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