How to reduce anxiety in a child?

Anxiety and fears in preschool children are a problem for many parents. The frequency of this feature is associated with the natural manifestation of emotions in children. Kids have symbolic and specific fears and, in view of the imperfect nervous system, they find it difficult to deal with them. In some cases, with a high level of anxiety in a child, you need to contact an experienced psychologist. The doctor will tell you exactly how to act with the parents and not aggravate the situation. At home, children with anxiety can be invited to play simple exercises. They will help reduce the fear and whims of a child of preschool age.

Exercises to relieve anxiety in children

Exercise against anxiety of the child suggest a decrease in tension and relaxation for the baby. Simple games help to remove anxiety, fear and moodiness. You can spend them with ease at home.

Exercise "Turtle" to relieve anxiety in children

Exercise begins with the fact that the child lies on the tummy, like a little turtle. Ask your child to close his eyes and imagine yourself a bug. Turtle lies on the sand and warm lake. Heats a clear sun and sing beautiful birds. The turtle is nice and cozy. He feels good. The arms, legs, back and neck of the child should be relaxed.

Suddenly a black cloud ran up to the sky. She covered the sun with its bright rays. The street was gloomy and overcast. The little turtle felt cold and she hid the legs and arms in her shell. At this point, the baby turtle should be asked to bend the back and tighten the arms and legs under the torso. In this position, the turtle hides in the wind for about 10 seconds.

After a cloudy weather, the wind drove the cloud away and the bright sun peeped out again. The turtle was warm and comfortable again. She relaxed her arms and legs.

Exercises to remove anxiety in children "affectionate chalk"

Everyone knows the game, "guess who?". When a word or picture is written on the back, and the child must guess what it is. For children with a high level of anxiety, such fun is not suitable. They only increase irritability. Therefore, for Capricious it is better to use the corrected rules of the game.

To play, the child needs to ask the question: "What do you want me to paint on your back with a fine chalk?". Then perform a light touch pattern on the back of the child and ask if it looks like. At the end you need to brush the whole picture like a brush.

Drawings can be repeated by asking: “Do you want on your back to draw a bunny (chanterelle, cat, etc.)?” After imitating the tail or legs of the animal on the back and brush the drawing again.

Exercise to relieve anxiety "Slip stone"

Anxious child should be asked to lie back and stretch the legs. He needs to imagine that a large stone lies near his left sock. He is very heavy and bulky. The child needs to move the invented stone with a leg. For this you need as much as possible to strain and stretch the leg. Then you need to relax the leg completely and relax. The same exercise must be done with the right foot.

Exercise to relieve anxiety in a child "Orange

For exercise from the moodiness and nervousness of the child, the crumbs need to lie back and open their arms. A parent tells him that an imaginary orange has rolled to his hand. The child needs to take it in his hand and press hard to get the fruit to start making juice. Hold the orange in a squeezed hand for about 10 seconds. After the pen you need to relax and release an orange from it. Repeat the exercise for the second handle.

Exercise to relax a child and remove the anxiety "Starfish"

Exercise "Starfish" is performed in conclusion of the whole complex. To do this, the child must lie down on the floor in a star pose and relax. Ask the child to introduce himself as a marine inhabitant who is in the most beautiful corner of the globe. There is good and calm. The kid is happy there. Let it develop this picture in your head for about 2-3 minutes. After that, you need to exhale and stand up.
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