8 tips on how to be irresistible

Being beautiful is easier than you think, just follow the simple guidelines.


Fashion magazines scare us: you will not remove the cuticle - it will grow, slow down the growth of the nail plate and turn into barbs. But frequent removal of the cuticle increases the risk of infections entering the body through an unprotected and very sensitive area around the nail. Ideal - the use of special oils and the removal of the cuticle. They can be made by mixing the oil of jojoba, tea tree, lemon and ylang-ylang. So, with regular use, it will become softer and less noticeable, and after a while it will practically stop growing, still leaving your nails protected.

Hair care

Any girl knows about the dangers of hair dryers, pleyok and irons, but to stop their use is unlikely. It only remains to protect the hair. When thermally affected hair needs additional moisture. To do this, use special hair balms, and also make vitamin masks once a week. However, it is not enough just to moisten the hair - you need to help the moisture linger in it. Thermostatic sprays have been created for this. And finally: apply liquid silk on your hair - it creates a protective film and prevents the section.

Skin care

The temperature outside the window every day becomes lower and lower, and we do not change the approach to skin care. We put on the face moisturizer (or moisturizer foundation) and boldly go to the wind, without even thinking that the hydraulic elements instantly freeze and crystallize, begin to irritate the skin. As a result, we get redness, peeling, and with constant exposure - early wrinkles and blemishes on the face. Moisturize your skin a few hours before going out or use a nourishing cream!

Hair protection

Colds are a stressful period not only for our body as a whole, but also for hair. Cold wind, temperature changes make the hair dry and brittle, increase their loss and degrade the appearance. The easiest and most affordable way to protect hair is to hide it in a hat or scarf. However, be careful with hats made of synthetic materials! Do not go out with wet hair - the hair will not dry, their structure will begin to change. Moisten hair in winter, use only light styling products and make an egg mask once a week.

Figure correction

Perhaps the easiest way to change the outlines of the body, hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages - is to use corrective underwear. In the arsenal, you may have shorts, tops, leggings, body, corsets, pants and bras. Corrective underwear, in spite of its density, does not pinch the body, allows the skin to breathe and remains completely invisible under clothes, and also pleases with a massage effect, improves blood circulation, corrects posture and helps get rid of cellulite.


Many people know about the benefits of olive oil, but the benefits of taking it on an empty stomach are only a few. Doctors nutritionists say that a month of this oil therapy will help you to say goodbye to extra pounds and normalize the work of the stomach, liver and intestines. The action of olive oil is aimed at lowering cholesterol in the blood and increasing the body's resistance. Olive oil normalizes pressure, normalizes digestion, improves skin condition, reduces the likelihood of caries, is a prevention of cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

Drinking water

We know about the need for water since childhood, but here are some tips to help you lose weight with it. Two glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach accelerate metabolism and prepare your stomach for digestion. Choose warm water, if you want to experience a gentle awakening, and cold with a spoonful of lemon juice in order to bring the body into a tone. Remember that drinking a glass of water before each meal, you reduce the volume of the required portion by 30%. Make a fat burning cocktail by adding a spoonful of cinnamon to a glass of warm water, and in half an hour - a little honey. Drink before bedtime.


Baking soda will help to simplify and improve your home pedicure! Hold your feet in warm water, after adding to it two tablespoons of soda and 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil. After a similar half-hour procedure that will soften the corns and grated, you should definitely use the following foot scrub. Mix soda, cane sugar (preferably brown) and water in a ratio of 3: 1: 1 and rub the scrub into the skin in a circular motion, rinse your feet with warm water.
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