How to get rid of suspiciousness?

“No matter what happens,” this thought goes through the head of an suspicious person with unenviable regularity. Fictitious fears affect not only the mood. Because of suspiciousness it is easy to spoil relations with others, to forbid yourself to dream and do what you love. Why it happens? Fears that have no rationale have a tendency to grow stronger. They use your doubts and negative experiences of the past as a “nourishment”.

Doubtful people have a strong dependence on the opinions of others. Their anxiety about the assessment that others give their actions prevents them from acting. They destroy themselves from within by concentrating on problems and opinions of others.

What is suspiciousness?

Vulnerability, as a state, is characterized by the presence of a person's fears about his own well-being in all areas, as well as the well-being of loved ones. Ambiguity makes it literally live in anticipation of negative events. A person reacts sharply to the slightest trouble, does not notice positive events. Often, suspiciousness is considered only a character trait. It is unlikely that there are many who want to communicate with a touchy person immersed in their own problems, but the main danger is that suspiciousness can turn into paranoia or another mental disorder.

Symptoms of suspiciousness

Vagueness is often confused with anxiety. However, anxiety is only one of the main symptoms of this condition. Uncontrolled bouts of fear can occur for any reason. Fear paralyzes all attempts to improve their own lives and makes people more and more vulnerable. In addition, suspiciousness is manifested in the constant doubts in their own abilities. A person does not believe that he can achieve a meaningful result. He is not able to evaluate his capabilities, resources and skills objectively, as his mind is filled with thoughts of impending failures.

Also, suspicious people have a strong emotional focus on problems. It may seem that a person does not think about anything else. He is fenced off from others, experiences gradually erode his physical and mental health.

Why is mistrust manifested?

It is impossible to get rid of suspiciousness without knowing the reason for its appearance. Suspiciousness can cause any prolonged illness. As a rule, it involves not only physical pain. All the thoughts of a person were aimed at feeling better. When it is possible to achieve this state, not everyone is able to stop looking at the experienced sufferings. Some people have illnesses that deprive themselves of confidence in the future to such an extent that they develop the habit of over-observing their own well-being and panicking at the slightest indisposition.

A possible cause of suspiciousness may be psychological trauma. After a strong emotional shock, fears may begin to form. Vagneness in this case manifests itself as an unconscious reaction to the negative. Fears and anxiety in this case are a kind of self-defense. It is rather difficult to get rid of this state, considering the negative experience of the past that has not been eradicated from memory.

Vulnerability often develops in emotionally unprotected people with low self-esteem. It manifests itself against the background of self-doubt. A person often changes mood, he is incredulous and waits for a dirty trick from others.

How to overcome suspiciousness?

Despite the fact that the symptoms of suspicion can pursue all life, it is necessary as soon as possible to take them under control. First of all, you need to recognize the very susceptibility to this state, list all your fears and try to understand the cause of their occurrence. Consider: why do you not trust people and why are you transferring the negative experiences of the past into the present? If you cannot do it yourself, you should contact a psychologist.

Having identified the problem and the cause of its manifestation, think about what you can oppose to it. Dealing with suspiciousness is not easy, but if you have a hobby, use your hobby to escape from anxiety. Dedicate a hobby all your free time, so that there is no time for unreasonable fears and expectation of negative from all sides.

Start a dialogue with your fears. However strange this imaginary communication may seem, it is bearing fruit. Never forget that the last word in this conversation should be yours. Only you decide: drive away fear, like an unwanted guest, or drive him to the very edge of the subconscious where he cannot harm you.

Treat problems in terms of rationality. They will stop scaring if you elaborate on their decision. Work with complex problems can always be divided into several stages. The consciousness that you coped with the first of them, will give confidence and strength to get rid of everyone else.

If unreasonable anxiety does not give you peace of mind, try consciously exaggerating it to such an extent that it becomes absurd and ridiculous. Using imagination, think up the worst and at the same time most incredible ending for your fears. To make an alarm less meaningful, it’s worth getting it out of yourself. Tell, write or draw something that bothers you.

Do not get hung up on the problem. No matter how difficult and insurmountable it may seem today, tomorrow you may already be able to find a solution for it.
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