Star moms who are proud of their figure

In the stellar world, pregnant women are very critical of weight gain. Most famous mothers are trying to come out with the ideal forms from the maternity hospital. However, not all beauties are chasing model looks and just enjoying their motherhood. Adopting your own body makes them happy and radiant.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

overweight stars after birth Maria Kozhevnikova

In life, the star of the project "Univer" is very different from its role. The girl lives in a happy marriage and is extremely anxious about her family. Her husband, businessman Evgeny Vasilyev, was presented by a beautiful three sons. Each time, Maria gained a decent weight for the pregnancy and was in no hurry to part with it. All her actions in the first place, were aimed at the health of her sons and her own body.

During the last pregnancy, she gained 27 kg, which she honestly and without hesitation confessed to her fans in instagrams. Stellar mother said she would bounce back slowly. At the same time, Maria adds that she loves her body very much in any weight and encourages all women who gave birth to not be shy of their forms.

Anna Sedakova

overweight stars after childbirth Anna Sedakova

Anna Sedakova is a real sex symbol of the national pop scene. She is sexy and open to her fans. At the same time, the star is not only a successful singer, but also a mother of three sons. After the third pregnancy, star mom gained extra weight and did not lose it for a long time. Later, she admits to her fans that she loves her +10 kg and is not going to lose her temper to part with them.

The stellar mother has been in shape for a long time, but her weight periodically rises. Anna admits to her fans in social networks that she is very fond of flour and sweet. When gaining excess weight, the star notes that he is not going to lose weight and claims that her beauty does not depend on its volume. Fans actively support the star and assure that they love her anyway.

Drew berimore

overweight stars after giving birth Drew Berimore

Drew Berimore, a mother of two beautiful daughters, says that at first she felt very uncomfortable with being overweight. It was difficult for her to accept herself and she was unsuccessful on diets. Breaking away, the star gained extra weight even faster. She later confesses that she understood - it is wonderful that our body can give birth and have children. The star accepts itself for what it is and loves to try a new doo around the world.

The actress openly declared in response to criticism that she was not going to spend time in the gym. She would rather devote him to her children. She believes that she carried children for 9 months in herself and now has the right to spend time with them, not thinking about the diet and her figure as a whole.

Hilary Duff

overweight stars after giving birth to Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff notes that her body gave her the greatest gift - son Luca. After that, she simply has no right to demand from him to be perfect. More importantly, she is healthy and can enjoy her time with her son.
“Lady, let us be proud of what we have received, and stop wasting precious time on the dream of becoming different.”
Says the actress in her interview. Hilary openly puts photos on the beach on social networks and says that she does it in defense of moms of all ages.

Today, the figure of a stellar mother is far from recognized ideals, but this does not affect her at all. She loves herself like that.

Kelly clarkson

stars overweight after childbirth Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, winner of American Idol, in early 2000 looked like a very fragile girl. Today, changes in her body can not leave indifferent her fans and fans. The public vigorously discusses the appearance of the starry mother of two children. To this she states that:
“And since I started a family, I’m less than I ever need someone’s approval.”
Kelly Clarkson enjoys her family, motherhood and loves herself the way she is.
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