Jennifer Lopez Style Makeup

Like any public person, J. Law cannot afford to look mediocre. Under the sight of the paparazzi invariably turns out to be a spectacular woman, ready to demonstrate her beauty to the whole world. The star does not often go to experiments with decorative cosmetics. Her makeup undergoes only minor changes and, as practice shows, this approach is fully justified. After all, the tabloids repeatedly continue to include Jennifer Lopez in the ratings of the most stylish celebrities.

The main features of makeup Jennifer Lopez

Despite the fact that during her professional career Jennifer had a chance to try on many images, there is a combination of shades that she uses more often than others. The star has a classic autumn color type of appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that warm shades dominate her make-up. Golden brown gamma is a universal option for both daytime and evening images.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the first to actively use bronzers in make-up. Because of this, radiant skin has become her calling card. The constant feature of Jennifer's makeup is always the fact that she focuses on the eyes. Smoky eyes in her case are always combined with lush eyelashes. When instead of lipstick or gloss nude color gamut, Jay Lo prefers bright shades, they become maroon tones.

Golden skin

If there are imperfections on the skin, a primer or BB cream is applied. Jennifer Lopez is not a supporter of chiaroscuro correction in make-up. The star only slightly underlines the contours of the face with coral blush. Pay attention to these tones - they are very refreshing face and able to focus on the merits of appearance.

To achieve the effect of golden radiance on the skin, you need to use a bronzer with reflective particles. Apply it to the cheekbones and back of the nose. The shade of the bronzer is required to choose depending on your own skin tone. Reflective particles should be finely ground. They should not stand out on the skin, like a shimmer or individual sparkles.

Thick eyebrows

If you have naturally sable eyebrows, no additional manipulations will be required with them. In the case when you need to add brow density, try to stop using pencils. To create a natural effect in this makeup, it is preferable to use eye shadow or tinted gel for eyebrows.

Feline look

To get started, apply golden satin shadows on the mobile eyelid. The same shade of shadows should be typed on a thin brush for makeup and emphasize them lower eyelid. Bronze shade of the shadows should be applied to the outer corner of the eye and carefully shade its border with a golden tone. This combination will create a depth effect. Emphasize the lower eyelid and upper eyelid space between eyelashes with an eyeliner.

Having increased expressiveness of a look, it is worth paying attention to eyelashes. Jennifer Lopez they are quite thick. The most obvious option for creating a similar effect is the use of false eyelashes. Owners of thick and long eyelashes with a natural curve can skip this step, using only mascara.

Shining lips

Jennifer Lopez's lip makeup is objectively not as bright as eye makeup. However, it is distinguished by delicate expressiveness. First of all, you need to circle the contour of the lips with a pencil, using a brown tint. Then it is necessary to apply nude gloss or lipstick, without leaving clear boundaries with the pencil applied earlier.
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