Tips and lifehacks for express cleaning

There are always a lot of germs in a residential area that can cause various diseases. Unfortunately, to destroy them at 100% can not even the most picky mistress. But it is possible to reduce the number of pathogens to a minimum. And simple, but effective ways of cleaning and maintaining order will help in this.

6 basic rules for keeping your house clean

Despite the abundance of special equipment for cleaning, it does not become easier to restore order. Therefore, it is important not only to purchase household goods and household chemicals, but also to use simple life hacking to maintain cleanliness with a minimum of effort:
  • If absolutely no time, first of all clean up in the dirtiest places. The remaining zones will be put in order later, when you are free.
  • Connect to the cleaning of each family member. Even children will be able to help in simple matters, for example, wipe the dust or put things.
  • Distribute cleaning by day for weeks. On Monday, clean the sink and bath, on Tuesday, vacuumed, etc. So the mess will not accumulate, and it will not have to rake all weekend.
  • Immediately put things in place. The smaller they will be scattered, the easier it will be to put the dwelling in order.
  • Ventilate the room regularly, use fragrant air fresheners. Unpleasant odors do not contribute to the creation of cleanliness and comfort.
  • At the front door, place the rug. He will take over most of the germs and dirt from the street.
To maintain a good mood and tone, turn on your favorite songs before cleaning. Come up with a little reward for perfect cleanliness in the house. Fight with laziness will also help the idea that in a clean and disinfected room less likely to pick up something from dust and dirt.

10 most polluted areas in the house

The apartment has such areas in which pathogenic bacteria spread with the greatest speed. Therefore, these areas should be regularly washed, cleaned and disinfected in the first place:
  1. Sink. A huge number of germs accumulate in the drain hole and siphon. To prevent their reproduction, you should wash the sink with effective household chemicals.
  2. Washed linen. In the washing machine, microbes multiply at an accelerated rate, then falling on hands with clean clothes. Therefore, it is advisable to wash in water from 60 degrees, sorting laundry before loading into the washing machine. At least once a month, clean the rubber seals with a special disinfectant.
  3. Cutting board. If you cut bread and vegetables, meat and fish on it, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Use separate boards for each of these products. Be sure to wash them with dish detergent after each use.
  4. Shower Head. To prevent bacteria from multiplying, you need to disinfect and clean the bathroom, and especially the shower mesh and curtain.
  5. Toothbrush. Bacteria get on it from the mouth. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the brush and leave to dry in a special glass.
  6. Footwear. You need to wipe your shoes before entering the house, wash them and disinfect the hallway.
  7. Phone, laptop, mouse, keyboard. This is one of the most polluted items in the house. Wipe them regularly with special antibacterial wipes and wash your hands often.
  8. Toilet floor The rim of the toilet bowl is usually thoroughly disinfected. But do not forget about the floor, you need to wash it as often as possible. Splashes fall on it after flushing.
  9. Sleeping place. In the bed there is warmth, a lot of dead skin particles and a little wet. The optimal environment for the life of microbes and ticks. Bed linen should be changed once a week and washed at a temperature above 65 degrees. Pillows and mattresses should be cleaned at least twice a year.
  10. Dust accumulation areas. These are books, soft toys, carpets. They should be regularly removed from dust, as well as cleaned hard-to-reach areas, for example, behind furniture, on closets, under the bed.
Tip: before buying a beautiful toy, a statuette, a fancy floor lamp or furniture with unusual upholstery, you should evaluate the thing on the subject of quick and high-quality cleaning. Microbes multiply very quickly and can cause various diseases. Follow the simple rules of cleaning, plan the cleaning schedule and follow it. And may your home always be clean and comfortable!
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