How character depends on the blood group

Eastern culture is full of its own mysteries. It is here that maximum attention is paid to the soul of a person, his character and characteristics. Wise men carefully search for coincidences and patterns in order to divide people into certain groups according to their character and emotional qualities. Such consistencies were observed for children with the same blood type. Observations and spiritual knowledge allowed us to characterize the nature of the child in the blood group.

I (o) blood type

character with 1 blood group

Character on the I (O) blood group is particularly demanding of itself. It is important for such a child to be approved and be sure to get approval from the side. Children from this category anxiously collect cups, medals and certificates. For them, their every achievement has value.

Children with the first group of blood have the character of "hunter". They are greedy for attention and extremely ambitious. They are born leaders and negatively perceive any criticism.

Negative qualities of character with the I blood group: irascibility, irritability, selfishness and jealousy.

II (A) blood type

character with 2 blood group

Children with the second blood group need a lot of treatment. Everything around them should be predictable. They are rare perfectionists in character and devote a lot of attention to detail. In their understanding, everything that they do should be perfect to the last detail.

Children with II (A) blood group carefully choose friends and are true friends themselves.

Manage and indulge the kid with the character of the 2 blood groups will not work. However, you can always agree with him, if you explain the situation to him.

Negative qualities of character with blood group II: children are secretive and difficult to express their feelings. They are not sentimental, they need to be taught empathy.

III (B) blood type

character with 3 blood group

Children with the third group of blood are very dreamy and romantic. They have a fine mental structure and at the same time are very organized. They constantly try themselves in something new and are ready to learn everything in the world with interest.

Children with blood group 3 are very individual. For better learning, they are more suitable sections of interest. School programs are often boring for them. In a crowd, such people are distinguished by their manner of dressing and standing out. They are always in the spotlight, active and restless.

Negative qualities of character with III blood group: kids are often rough and sharp, it is difficult for them to contain the storm within themselves.

IV (AB) blood group

character with 4 blood group

The character of children with an IV blood group is different from others. This is the youngest and rarest group. Such children as if not from this world are full of spirituality. They have a very developed intuition and a sense of life. At the subconscious level, they make a decisive choice and are often right.

Children with 4 groups have a craving for beauty and knowledge. They are sociable and witty, but the choice of a close circle of friends are treated carefully.

People with such a blood group are distinguished by their vulnerable nature. They seem to be not ready for the blows and blows of this world.

Media 4 groups often have an interest in mysticism and the study of the ancient world. They are keenly developed desire knowledge of all life.

Negative qualities of character with IV blood group: low adaptability to real life, vulnerability.
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