Causes of obesity

Now the society is critical to women who are overweight. Many people think that it is easy to lose weight, and if someone has excess fat, it is only because a person eats a lot and moves little. This is true, but this is not the only reason for the appearance of excess weight.

Wrong way of life

Incorrect lifestyle is the most common cause of obesity. The human body receives too much energy, and consumes a little. Often such people suffer from such obesity, who have "sedentary" work, they eat wrong, they have an unbalanced menu. In this case, you can get rid of extra pounds if you change your habits. To lose weight, you need:
  1. Make a low-calorie menu and eat properly for a long time.
  2. Exclude from the diet of harmful products: baking from yeast dough, soda, all fatty, sweets, etc. .
  3. Add physical activity, that is, walk more, climb stairs, crouch, etc.
If you have obesity due to an incorrect lifestyle, removing excess weight will be quite simple, it is more difficult to keep it for a long time.

Depression or prolonged stress

When fat accumulates only in the abdomen and on the sides, it is possible that the cause of obesity was a prolonged stress. There is even such a concept - "cortisol tummy".

If a person experiences severe stress, both emotional and physical, the cortisol level rises. This hormone contributes to the fact that the body begins to store energy, which leads to the deposition of fat. In addition, many people are beginning to "seize" problems. If the body is under constant stress, it seeks to get the necessary endorphins and other substances to reduce the stress hormone, and only receives it from food. Determine that you have abdominal obesity, you can, measuring the waist: when it is more than 88 cm in women or more than 102 cm in men, you need to start acting.

If a person's cause for obesity is stress, diet can be ineffective. It is necessary to struggle not with consequences, but with the cause, that is, it is necessary to get rid of stress, and not starve (starvation increases the level of cortisol):
  • it is better to give up coffee and alcoholic beverages or drink in the least amount, because a cup of coffee, for example, increases the level of cortisol by 30%;
  • do not forget about a full sleep, at least 6-8 hours a day;
  • moderate exercise also helps to deal with stress;
  • remember your hobbies, hobbies;
  • a good mood contributes to the appearance of a slender figure, laugh more, communicate with friends, see positive programs, etc.

Hormonal obesity

Occurs quite rarely, the cause of its appearance is a malfunction in the endocrine system. Most often, with such obesity, fat accumulates on the hips or in the shoulder region (in most cases, the shoulders are covered with fat in women). Then only the endocrinologist will help, you need to turn to him for help, take tests and begin treatment for obesity. The doctor should choose a special hormone therapy.

As we see, obesity is not always a consequence of overeating, sometimes excess weight appears due to prolonged stress or hormonal failure. Therefore, to lose weight, it is not enough to just sit on a diet, you need to understand what caused the appearance of extra pounds. Sometimes it is enough to learn to relax, do an enjoyable thing, remember your hobby, so that extra pounds start to go away.
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