I will lose weight! 17 simple ways to lose weight

“To stay in shape, it is important to spend more energy than you get! "- Supporters of a healthy lifestyle and losing weight are convinced. Therefore, they exhaust themselves in the gym, are on a strict diet or are starving. But to act so radically means to harm one’s own health. After all, each person has his own body characteristics and level of physical fitness. Adhering to our simple recommendations, you will easily lose weight and keep your slim figure for a long time.

We offer 17 reliable and proven ways to permanently get rid of hated kilograms. Just remember, to achieve success, you must use all methods at the same time.

1. Tune in to win!

Remember that thoughts are material. It is important to believe in yourself. Imagine in your head a picture of how you, charming and sexy, conquer the world and people of the opposite sex. If you think of yourself as a fat loser, you are unlikely to change anything in life.

Imagine yourself beautiful and slim. Believe me, so be it!

2. Start a gastronomic diary

We often have a snack on the run or in between times. Only each product has an energy value. And even if you switched to useful products, this does not mean that you can absorb them as much as you like. To control the number of calories, keep a diary and write down everything you eat in a day.

3. Cheat the body

In order not to overeat, choose a plate of a smaller volume, and use Chinese sticks instead of a fork. Yes, it is not quite familiar, but such a trick will help focus on eating and stretch the pleasure. While you are mastering the art of owning a new cutlery, your appetite will be pacified.

4. Become charged!

Aristotle said: “Movement is life! ". And he is right, because even moderate exercise is beneficial to the body. But you shouldn’t bring yourself to loss of consciousness by training or jogging for marathon distances, 10 minutes charge in the morning is enough, daily walks and fitness exercises for the soul.

5. Diet diet discord

Do not buy only vegetables and fruits, because the temptation to snack on the side of ice cream, chips or shawarma is too great. Prepare what you are accustomed to, only in the “lightweight” version. For example, replace the pork knuckle with a lean turkey. Favorite vegetable salad is not seasoned with mayonnaise, but olive oil with a drop of lemon.

Baked turkey instead of pork is a great option for people leading a healthy lifestyle!

6. Change habits

Some people will not fall asleep until they have eaten a piece of chocolate cake or a portion of fried potatoes for the night. Urgently unlearn this habit. Remember, eating at night is bad. To reject night snacks, lock the door to the kitchen with a key or hang a poster on the fridge with the inscription “I am starting a new life! ".

7. Do not skip breakfast and lunch!

Neglect of morning and dinner meals leads to poor health, energy loss, fat deposition on the sides. Having not received calories in the afternoon, we with double enthusiasm attack on food in the evening and do not notice a family meal, as we eat more than usual. In order not to recover, distribute food evenly throughout the day.

8. Make friends with mirrors!

Mirrors - our allies in the struggle for harmony. Even if you are not in awe of your own body, hang these interior items in each room and more often look at them. Over time, you will get used to your reflection, you want to become even more beautiful and, therefore, give up high-calorie foods.

9. Vegetables do not happen much

Nutritionists advise eating vegetables 3-5 times a day. The usual salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens is boring. Diversify the menu, for example, with a dish of Caucasian cuisine - adzhapsandali. The combination of eggplants, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, garlic and spices will give an unforgettable taste. In addition, this food is rich in vitamins and does not contain extra calories.

Diversify the vegetable menu: cook a Caucasian dish - ajapsandali!

10. Do not give up meat

Meat is a source of protein, so necessary for our body. Before you follow the new-fashioned diet or become a vegetarian, consult with a nutritionist. No foods, such as nuts, soybeans or cereals, will replace your protein food. If you do not want to eat fatty meats, give preference to beef or poultry.

11. Choose a healthy diet.

Let proper nutrition become the norm of life. But this does not mean that restaurants and friendly gatherings will have to be abandoned. Even in gastronomical establishments it is not difficult to find healthy dishes or go to the place where they cook this. If you are going to the nature with former classmates, offer them to bake chicken or the same vegetables on the bonfire to the pork shish kebab.

12. Soda and juice in bags - evil!

Pepsi cola and packaged juices are extra carbohydrates. Why do you need unnecessary ballast, which is deposited at the waist? Give up your favorite Fanta, prepare yourself herbal infusions, fruit drinks and savory stewed fruit. Cool green tea in the fridge will energize and lift your spirits.

13. Alcohol is prohibited

Drinking a glass of champagne on New Year's Eve or on your own birthday is not a crime. But to abuse it in the rest of the time is not worth it. Alcohol whets the appetite, besides they are high-calorie themselves. For example, the energy value of the alcoholic cocktail “Mojito” is 214 kcal. So think about whether the game is worth the candle?

Alcoholic cocktails increase appetite and supply the body with unnecessary calories!

14. Limit salt intake.

Canned foods retain fluid in the tissues, which leads to swelling, difficulty in digestion and weight gain. But excluding salt from the diet is not worth it, because this food product contains sodium and chlorine - the necessary elements for the proper functioning of the body.

15. Sleep at least 7-8 hours.

During the night's rest, the hormone leptin is produced, responsible for the feeling of hunger. Whereas with lack of sleep increases the level of the hormone ghrelin, causing unlimited appetite. Therefore, with full sleep, a person eats less. And those who give sleep no more than 6 hours, at risk to recover.

16. Temporary relaxation

If you are invited to a magnificent celebration where high-calorie delicacies will be offered to guests, then you should not run away in fear. At any time, you can opt out of harmful to the figure of dishes. But if it does not work, do not blame yourself for this, eat a piece of baked lamb and go to the dance floor. And tomorrow start all over again.

17. Do not expect instant results.

How naive we are when we believe advertising slogans that promise fast weight loss. Most girls take dietary supplements and specialized mixtures in the hope of losing weight once and for all. However, the taut figure is the result of hard work on oneself.

Forget about diet pills! They not only will not bring instant results, but also harm to health!

Be charming, slim and happy!
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