5 items in the house, which is better to get rid of

Such familiar and everyday things in the house can harm health, therefore, it is useful to know what these dangers are?

Kitchen sponges

From the course of biology, we know that a large number of bacteria appear and develop in a warm environment. The sponge used in the kitchen is a breeding ground for more than 10 million bacteria. To use the sponge correctly, find out a few rules:
  • Buy sponges in their original packaging at official sales points;
  • After use, the sponge must be cleaned and dried clean;
  • It is better to use several jaws alternately;
  • For each type of dishes should be a special sponge: plastic, metal, antibacterial, to fight the fat - porous;
  • Service life - 4 days.
With a high-quality and properly used kitchen sponge, your kitchen is sterile, you are healthy.


Before using mascara, familiarize yourself with its composition and manufacturer. For the health of your eyes are important rules for using mascara:
  • Material is important from which the brush is made;
  • The large role is played by structure of ink, it should not contain preservatives;
  • See expiration date, ink can be used 2 - 3 months after the opening of the tube.
Health care begins with the right choice.

Air freshener

Scientists have conducted research and found that in air fresheners, 1–4 ingredients are toxic. Yes, it all depends on individual tolerance, but if these toxins do not kill instantly, it does not mean that they are not harmful.

If you use air fresheners, remember that people live near you who may have asthma or other lung diseases, and children are 30 times more likely than adults to be susceptible to chemicals.

Remember! Using fresheners, you risk health and life.

Antibacterial soap

We are surrounded by a large number of microorganisms that perform a protective function. When we use soap, we wash off not only the harmful, pathogenic bacteria, but also the beneficial ones that fight them.

The composition of antibacterial soap includes triclosan or triclocarban. These components also affect the beneficial bacteria, causing mutations that provoke various diseases and allergies. Constantly antibacterial soap is not desirable to use. Everything is useful in moderation. Use 2 times a week, handle only scratches, cuts, abrasions. Change the brand and grade of soap.

Food Containers

In food containers, food does not dry out and does not absorb odors from the outside. Containers are glass, metal, plastic. Safer - glass. The most used - plastic.

It is necessary to look at the label on the container. Plastic containers are lighter and have a wide variety of shapes. In the past, a toxic substance, bisphenol, was used to make plastic containers. Currently it is no longer used in production.

The safest containers are currently labeled PP - polypropylene. Labeled PET - disposable containers. With marking of PEVP - rather safe. PVC labeled container - not for food. Pay attention to the labeling!
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