Dangerous "cheesecake"

Winter walks are the most fun and interesting for children. Snowball games, snowman making, skiing from the hills ... Happy, with rosy cheeks, kids are happy to frolic in the snow. However, there are some winter fun that can cause tragedy. You do not have to give them up, you just need to follow the safety rules.

In recent years, tubing has become popular. This is a ride from a hill on special sleds, which are popularly called “cheesecakes”, because they resemble this cake in shape. Surely everyone saw what this inflatable sleigh looks like: round, light, made of PVC materials. Tubing, if not adhered to, can cause serious injury. Therefore, it is not necessary to send children alone on the hills. It is important to ensure that they ride correctly.

Dangerous fun

Now there is so much unverified information on the Internet, so many do not believe in the "horror stories" distributed there. But, unfortunately, the information regarding “cheesecakes” is true, which is confirmed by dozens of cases of serious injuries to children and adults.

What is dangerous "cheesecake"

"Cheesecakes" attract children. And it is not surprising, since they are soft, painted in bright colors. Yielding to their persuasion, parents buy them. But, making a similar choice, do not forget about some of the features of these inflatable sleds:
  1. "Cheesecakes" are very light, so they are easy to roll over.
  2. It weakly absorbs, colliding with an obstacle, which is why you can easily get injured.
  3. Tubing is out of control. It can develop high speed and spin around its axis. But he does not have a braking device. A person can not change the trajectory in any way, because of which in the “cheesecake” you can bump into any obstacle that gets in the way, or into another person who rolls down a hill.
  4. Cheesecake seems safe. Soft, round, beautifully decorated, they seem to be safe, so many parents are unaware that their child may be injured because of them.

Safety regulations

Parents should remember that tubing is the most traumatic entertainment and safety rules must be observed on the slide.
  1. You can not let a child alone on the hill with a "cheesecake". Children often do not realize the danger. They are not embarrassed by the fact that trees are growing or cars are standing next to a hill.
  2. You need to ride on the prepared track. If you do not have the opportunity to go on a track designed for tubing, choose the safest slide next to the house. It should be flat, without springboards. The tilt angle is about 20-30 degrees. Carefully inspect the slope. If there are holes on it, depressions, bushes or stones stick out, trees grow, do not allow children to ride in this place.
  3. Ask your child to hold on to special pens. Then he will not fly out of the “cheesecake” and will not get bruises. You can not jump during the descent or try to get up.
  4. Do not allow to leave the train. If at least one of the "train" turns upside down, all children can get injured.
  5. Do not ride with your child. Many parents love to ride from the mountains, sitting the baby in front of him. Because of this, the centroid can shift and the “cheesecake” becomes less stable. In addition, these sleds are designed for a certain weight, which can not be exceeded.
  6. Teach your child to sit properly. He should sit in the “cheesecake” as if on a high chair, i.e., lean back slightly, legs bent at the knees. Do not allow to go lying down.
This article is not written to scare, but to warn. Often children go for a walk alone and ride in the wrong places. I myself witnessed how the teenagers slid down the slides directly to the trees growing at the foot, without miraculously touching them, flying just a few centimeters. It is good that such an extreme did not inspire them, they moved to another hill. But these are teenagers, but children often do not understand how dangerous such entertainment is. Parents are responsible for their safety, and they can prevent a tragedy if they know how this winter fun can end.
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