How to skate?

To master the skates is quite difficult, but it is quite possible. It all depends on how you approach this. If you like to skate, but feel insecure and constantly hold on to the side, it's time to learn figure skating.

The rink is always full of people who do not know how to skate and try not to show it with all their might. Here is a list of recommendations for beginners to help you feel more confident.


If you hire skates for hire, do not follow the rule that shoes should be loose. When the skates are great, you will easily put your feet in the blood. Take shoes of your size, the better the shoes are sitting on your foot, the more accurately you will manage your movements.

Lace skates should be as tight as possible, because shoes are usually raznoshennaya shoes. It is better to dissolve the lacing than to suffer from corns or bruises after falling. In the shoe, the heel should sit tight so that you can not move it while moving.

Remember that during the skating you will definitely feel hot, so do not wrap yourself in several sweaters. But the gloves are very useful to save hands from hypothermia and abrasions.

Basics of movement

You must repel yourself when moving by the inner edge, if you, of course, are not going to participate in competitions. To feel the inside of the blade, slightly tilt the skates inward towards each other.

Keep your back straight. This position will help maintain balance when riding. Spread the socks of the shoes a little outward, so that they move at a slightly angle of about 45, place your hands - and slide forward. Weight should be transferred from one leg to another alternately, alternately slightly straightening and again bending the knees. This is a basic technique of movement, other options are best explored after several hours of practice.

To brake is difficult enough for a beginner. To do this, standing on a bent leg, push the second leg forward and brake with a heel or ridge edge. It looks something like a biker stunt when you turn a bike, leaning on a leg. Another option is to spread your legs wider, bend your knees and tilt the body back. Feet while leaning a little inward. You can also perform this option with one foot, turning sideways and bending the leg. After training, you will be better able to control the blade tilt and slow down without problems.

The fall

If you fell - that must happen during the first attempts to skate. According to the rules when falling, you should group - bend your knees, relax and fall on your side, but for the first time it is unlikely to come out without special training. The main thing - keep your head from hitting.

Do not try to get up in the usual way. First get on all fours, then kneel. Here the tooth of the skate comes in handy - first rest with a tooth and straighten one leg, putting it on the ice, then pull up the other. Immediately after the fall, you should not continue skating, but you should not lie on the ice, otherwise you can overcool. Usually a blow to the ice is accompanied by a slight shock, so get to the side of them a little breath.

Having spent on the rink just a couple of hours, you will understand the nuances of the movement techniques and you will be able to ride on your own without any problems. But do not overload yourself, evenly alternating rest and stress, because fatigue can cause a fall or injury.
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