We sew a pillow: Burenka from Maslenkino

Step-by-step instruction for creating a funny pillow with a pattern. Funny accessory for the house will appeal to adults and children, and sew this toy-pillow by the forces of even a novice lover to hang. Pillows can be a good gift for housewarming, wedding, other family holidays.

To create a cow-pillow, we need: a pattern of thick paper, scissors, cloth, shreds of the right color, filler (sintepon or holofayber), tail pins.

The size of the pattern is arbitrary. You can make a huge pillow, you can - less. Cut out two parts (body), 4 parts for the front and rear legs, 2 pieces for the left and right ears.

We cut out the horns, udders and muzzle of the cow. Artists from us are all different, so two identical cows will not work. Everyone is an exclusive!

We transfer all the details to the fabric, stains on the cow are made from shreds - arbitrarily. First we sew stains to the body. On a stuffed toy, it will not be possible to do this

For the body, you need to cut a strip of cloth 4-5 cm wide and pritachat it to the two halves of the body. Then the cow will be voluminous

When all the details are transferred to the fabric, we begin to sew them one at a time and fill them with filler.

After all the details are filled with packing, we connect them with each other. We make out the head separately with expressive eyes. We sew it to the body last.

A little clue: the body of the cow is filled after the legs and tail are sewn to the halves of the trunk. Leave a small slot on the side and put a filler through it. If desired, you can sew a zipper at the side, then the filler can be removed, and the pillow - washed in a typewriter.

A tail brush and a forelock can be made from a bundle of thick woolen threads or sew the remains of a fluffy fur.
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