9 signs that your marriage remains harmonious after years

To live with your loved one soul in soul for many years is an art. After all, over time, the passion fades away, feelings are dulled, and the gray life eats up without a trace. But this is not the case with all couples - some families still manage to maintain trust, warmth and gentle thrill towards each other for decades. Want to know whether you are among them or not? Catch our tips. Here are 9 signs that indicate that harmony and love still reign in your family life.

1. Laughter, and more!

Yes, you laughed at the jokes of your beloved at the beginning of communication, but with time you stopped - you think that this is the lot of young romantic people. But in vain, after all, to play a life partner on April 1, to continue his thought or to laugh enough at each other’s shortcomings 10 years after they get to know each other is worth a lot.

Psychologists say that the crack in the relationship appears at a time when we cease to inspire the humor of a loved one. We stop smiling, we get annoyed over trifles, and we don’t tolerate the ridiculous mockery of our partner.

2. Meeting friends

Would you like to drink coffee with a friend, walk in the park alone or go to a party with your sister? "Yes please! “- the husband will answer if your love union is time tested. Strong couples are not jealous of each other and are not offended when some of them decide to be alone with themselves or take a break from their partner.

Sometimes rest in the company of friends or going to a dance without the second half strengthens the marriage!

It is important to believe that your other half values marriage and will not destroy anything that has been built so hard for years. Otherwise, the family is over. Just do not forget to behave with dignity in any society in order to avoid delicate situations.

3. Ah, these declarations of love!

Remember how long ago you talked about your feelings to a cordial friend, gave your husband pleasant surprises or invited a soul mate on a date? If since then flowed away many years, then urgently correct the situation.

Paint with new colors matrimonial weekdays. To do this, invite the chosen one to the rendezvous, organize a romantic dinner by candlelight, give the spouse compliments - in a word, warm up the old passion and wake the love that lurches in your heart. Believe you will like it.

4. Check gadgets and phones

Starting when an email arrives to the faithful, controlling social communications and rummaging through the phone in search of compromising the husband is a sign of distrust in the couple. If it does not occur to you to arrange such checks for each other, this is a sign of spiritual maturity of the relationship.

Delving into the chosen one's phone without his knowledge, you show a bad tone and distrust of your loved one!

Just do not cross the thin line between the concepts of "trust" and "I do not care." Not to show interest in the life of the spouse and not to know with whom he communicates is silly. Remember that indifference destroys families.

5. Such a necessary "thank you"!

To thank your beloved every day for your care, affection, attention, patient attitude towards you or being close to you is commendable. This is how true feelings appear. The person understands that he is dear to the chosen one, and tries to change in a positive direction.

Do not say the cherished words every second - such a verbal reverse change is boring. Be smart - praise the satellite when he does not even suspect it.

6. No sex anywhere

Intimacy is an important component of harmonious relationships. Therefore, if years later the spouses consider each other to be sexual and are ready to further surprise their partner in bed, then the next course at the institute of marriage has been successfully completed.

It is important to maintain marital intimacy at all stages of building a family!

When a husband and wife are intimate with each other, they are not drawn to treason. Although there are individuals who go to the side, regardless of whether they are married or not. But that's another story.

7. Peace, friendship, chewing gum!

You do not beat the plates during a quarrel, do not arrange a public showdown and are trying to resolve differences through negotiations? Please accept our congratulations, because it is a pledge of healthy relations based on mutual respect and support of each other.

If you are not able to curb your own emotions, breaking off at the same time on the interlocutor, then take a breath and try to convey your idea calmly. So keep your nerves, and save the family.

8. And in sorrow and in joy

It is not for nothing that during marriage registration we are asked whether we are ready to share both happiness and adversity with the elect. After all, it is important for lovers at every stage of family building to be able to support a friend's heart in a difficult moment, to find the right words, or simply snuggle up to one's native breast.

When a loved one is near only in joyful times, and in difficult periods of life moves away from you - this is a painful relationship, leading to collapse.

9. What happiness to be yourself!

In a healthy union, people do not pretend to be someone else and do what they like. Otherwise, do not wait for happiness. For example, you get pleasure from decorating bottles and in your free time create patterned masterpieces. But the spouse believes that this is an empty occupation and laughs at the handicrafts. Perhaps a friend of the heart loves to plant flowers, and you are ashamed of this, considering that this is not a hobby for men.

Experts say that not sharing the interests of another is not so important, the main thing is to respect the hobbies of a person with respect and not to make him ashamed of what brings him satisfaction.

Respect each other's hobbies - the key to a successful relationship!

Good to you and family well-being!
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