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Going to another school is always a stress for the child. Before deciding on this step, it is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons. If it is inevitable, it is necessary to help the child with adaptation: to translate it better in the primary classes, in September, to explain how to avoid conflicts and critical situations in the classroom.

When we are going to transfer the child to another school, parents think, first of all, of his well-being. In some cases, this can not be avoided, for example, if the whole family moves to another city or even to another country. But you can find another way out of this situation. So, if you moved to another district of the city, you can take the child to his school by car or bus, if he had a conflict with his classmates, contact a school psychologist, etc.

The main reasons for switching to another school

Before you place your child in a new school, think about whether you make mistakes. Remember that your child will have to join the team, get used to the teachers and their requirements, build new relationships, that is, survive the most severe stress. Let's consider the main reasons for switching to another school:
  1. Moving. In this case, the child is forced not only to change school, but also the whole range of his communication, to get used to a new place. He can feel abandoned in the new city. Do not forget that the whole family experiences a lot of stress, so it needs to rally, spend more time together. It is important to show the child that you will always be there. Before you take him to school, walk on it, look at everything, take a walk around the school.
  2. The quality of education. If you want to transfer a child to a better school, take your time. First, familiarize yourself with the program that children are taught, talk with teachers, with other parents. Programs can be different even in public schools. So you will understand if you do not change the awl for soap.
  3. Failure. If the child is poorly educated, parents may be at fault in this, too, who hurried to send him to school. It is not necessary to go to school at the age of 6, because at this age children are often not ready for it, and as a result, they do not learn the program. Hence the lack of success and lack of self-confidence (all are obtained, but I do not), various psychosomatic diseases. It makes no sense to change school, it is worthwhile to work with tutors, talk with the teacher, ask not to overload your son or daughter, until the child gets stronger and catch up with the other children.
  4. Conflict situation. The child conflicts with classmates, and parents, instead of solving the conflict, choose the easiest way - to leave. So you can not act, you need to understand the situation, talk with the psychologist, the parents of the students and find a way out. Only in extreme cases it is worth to move to another school, when all other options are tried.

When is it better to transfer a child to another school

If you plan to move or want to change school for other reasons, try to do this as early as possible, that is, while the child is in primary school. From the 1st to the 4th grade, children focus on learning, because they are delighted with what they can write and read, they learn with interest. Friends for them are not the most important, so the child will easily adapt to the new conditions. In addition, children under 10 years are more obedient, it is easier to agree with them. At this age, the kids are the easiest to meet during the games, if you want the children to be friends, walk with new classmates after school, invite them to your home, you can arrange a small children's party.

In adolescence (11-13 years) begins a difficult period in the life of the child: the youthful maximalism is gaining momentum, self-esteem is constantly jumping, adolescents do not take into account the rules, the opinions of adults. Yes, and friends with a teenager are always in the foreground. At this time it is undesirable to change the school, but if you still have to do this, try not to put pressure on the child, put up high demands. Resign yourself to the fact that at first he may not have very good marks. Be sure to consider all the advantages of moving to another school: you can change the image, get a really good education, etc.

In high school, it is especially difficult to transfer to another school, because you will have to leave friends, a familiar environment, and sometimes the first love. But there are pluses. At the age of 15-16 the child is already old enough, so he can understand his parents. With him you need to talk on an equal footing, explain why you had to take this step.

Tips for parents

    Finally, give some important tips that will help your child quickly get used to school:
  1. Do not transfer the child to another school in the middle of the school year, it is better to do it in September. So he and his classmates can gradually enter the working regime after the holidays, and the children will "get used to" each other after a long summer vacation, and will be easier to accept into the team beginner.
  2. Do not tell your child about the difficulties of moving to another school. It is enough that parents know about this, and with him it is not worth discussing this issue, otherwise he will perceive the new school as a hostile camp. Remain calm, convince the child that everything will be fine.
  3. Talk to the child about how to behave properly. You do not need to be too active, but you do not need to avoid classmates, you have to answer calmly, with a smile, to quibble. With teachers you need to behave politely, show your respect, but do not curry favor. At first you will have to be the best friend of the child, help, explain the rules of behavior in the team.
The transition to a new school is an important event in the life of the child. It is necessary to realize the fact that this is a great stress, but it is also not a problem to inflate from this. Maybe in the new school he will like more than in the old one, you just need to go through a difficult period of adaptation.
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