How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

Each of us would like to sleep sweetly. And the way to this is a good mattress.

How to start choosing a mattress

Before you buy an orthopedic mattress, you need to pay attention to its components. The price of an orthopedic mattress, as well as the degree of its effectiveness, will directly depend on these materials. It's no wonder that such mattresses are recommended by doctors, as well as for healthy sleep, and for the prevention of diseases of the spine. What aspects you need to know before choosing an orthopedic mattress?

Orthopedic effect

The orthopedic effect is a prophylactic effect that occurs on the human spine during sleep. This property of the mattress is achieved due to the quality of the structure itself, which guarantees elasticity. The best orthopedic mattresses are those that do not bend the spine and help it to be in the most natural position. Especially important is the orthopedic effect for children - after all, it is during the growth of the body that the basic position of the body is formed and all habits are formed, including correct posture. Therefore, children's orthopedic mattresses should be selected by consulting a specialist.

Spring orthopedic mattresses

Thanks to the latest developments, we offer the best orthopedic mattresses not only of standard designs, but also spring-based products. They do not sink and evenly distribute the weight of a person. In the design there is a hard layer separating the spring blocks. For the coating is always used natural and high quality materials. The price of this type of orthopedic mattress will directly depend on the type of spring block.

Springless orthopedic mattresses

Among their differences, the main one is the main material - coconut coir, holofiber, polyurethane foam, natural and artificial latex. This eliminates the adverse magnetic and electrostatic effects on the body. If you decide to buy an orthopedic mattress of this type, healthy and pleasant sleep is guaranteed. Springless children's orthopedic mattresses are in great demand among caring parents.

The main components of an orthopedic mattress

How to choose an orthopedic mattress and not make a mistake? To do this, consider the components of the 5 main layers of any mattress with orthopedic effect.


There are mattresses with independent and dependent main spring unit. The price of an orthopedic mattress is correlated with the type of unit used. Mattresses with a dependent unit are cheaper, but the best orthopedic mattresses are made on an independent spring basis.

Hard inner filling layer

Piece materials are often used for rigid internal filling. But the most useful is to buy an orthopedic mattress based on natural latex and felt.

Soft fill layer

For it can be used artificial (polyurethane foam and periotek) and natural (coir) materials. Polyurethane foam and periotek are used as artificial raw materials. If you are interested in children's orthopedic mattresses - pay attention to natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Upper layer

It isolates the mattress fillers from contact and is made mainly from natural fabrics. We recommend to buy an orthopedic mattress with a cover based on cotton or flax.

“Memorizing” layer

It is he who takes the most ergonomic form during your sleep. As you can see, the answer to the question “How to choose an orthopedic mattress? "Is covered in its very components. Do not be lazy to learn more about the upcoming purchase - and you will be satisfied with your choice!

The 3 most common mistakes when choosing a mattress

Have you decided to take care of your spine and buy an orthopedic mattress? If you really have back problems, it is best to consult an orthopedist for recommendations. He will give you all the necessary recommendations that will help you choose a mattress specifically for your case. Where to buy a mattress? You have two options:
  • Shop-salon mattresses. If you decide to visit the store in person - consultants are available to tell you about each model of interest to you. But nowadays this method is less popular.
  • Online store mattresses. Buy a mattress through the network is very convenient - because you do not spend your time on the road. In addition, the sites are always present detailed descriptions of products to which you can navigate.
But nevertheless, you can always make a mistake. Consider the 3 most important mistakes that people who have come to buy an orthopedic mattress make.

Error 1: incompetence

Before choosing a mattress, you should not consult with relatives or take into account the opinion of people from the forums. Do not necessarily rely on the rating of a product. It is best to follow the recommendations of a specialist - an ordinary person can very easily be confused by the names “coconut coir” and “spring block”.

Error 2: buy "blindly"

If you decide to buy an orthopedic mattress, you know enough about its benefits for the back. Each person is individual, so when choosing, one should be guided not only by general information and personal preferences. If you visited the salon-shop - consult a consultant. He must know all the properties of each item and must help you choose a mattress. If you prefer to make purchases through the network - the online store of mattresses has an online consultant who will offer you the product, will tell you about the properties. Where to buy a mattress - each person decides for himself. Both ways of buying have their own nuances, so you can choose more profitable for you.

Error 3: Restrict the purchase of mattress

As it turned out, just buying a mattress is not enough. If you want a bedroom accessory to serve you for a long time - take care of its safety from moisture and excess pollution. This will help you mattress covers. They come in various types and perform many useful functions. You can buy mattress covers in the same place where you can buy a mattress. In the salons the consultant will offer you to pay attention to these products and will offer the best models. The online store of mattresses also has in its assortment various mattress covers. You just have to set the required parameters and type in the search engine. To care for a mattress, such a product is a must.

Before you buy an orthopedic mattress - consider these recommendations. They will help you not to make a mistake and make the right choice of products. You will be satisfied with the result.

Choosing mattresses for the elderly

If you decide to buy a mattress for the elderly, you should take into account several important points. To choose the right mattress for the older generation, look at the models from natural materials with a “storage” layer. It is necessary to improve well-being. With age, the joints of a person lose their elasticity and elasticity, so the elderly people are most concerned about the pressure on these parts of the body. Comfortable mattress for people of this age is very important.

Trust feelings

To properly buy a mattress for a man of old age, you need to find out if he has any back problems, in which position he prefers to sleep. Our experts will help you choose the right mattress, depending on the recommendations of your doctor.

Take an interest in structure

Before you buy a mattress, pay attention to its components. From them directly depends on the comfort of sleep people in the age. Often, doctors recommend older people to sleep on softer mattresses, as the vessels become weaker over time and rest on a hard mattress can adversely affect pressure. In addition to rigidity, attention should be paid to the components of the mattress - it should regulate air circulation during sleep and give the body a "breathe".

Most often, older people are advised to softer mattresses. Aged vessels are weaker and sleep on a hard mattress can adversely affect pressure.

Learn more about the material.

Comfortable natural latex mattress has good properties. This material is highly elastic and supports the back best. Latex-based mattress for the elderly ideally bends around the back and supports the spine. Choose a mattress from such material - to support the human immune system, because dust mites and fungus do not start there. For diseases of the joints and blood vessels, consult with your doctor in advance about the choice of mattress - the wrong bed can aggravate the manifestations of the disease.

Features of various types of mattresses

The online store of mattresses always offers visitors a fairly large selection of various products. Each proposed orthopedic mattress is unique and has its own characteristics. So what is the guide and how to choose the right mattress? There are such basic types of orthopedic mattresses:


The filler for these mattresses is latex. They are quite comfortable and durable. Springless base well supports the human spine during sleep. In turn, latex mattresses are divided according to the type of latex itself: with natural filler and with artificial. The best mattresses of this type are made on the basis of natural latex, and in the cheaper variations artificial latex is used.


The basis for these mattresses is a spring block. An orthopedic mattress with such a base also very well supports the human spine at all major points. Spring mattresses are divided according to the type of spring blocks: dependent and independent spring blocks. Buy a mattress with an independent spring unit will be more expensive pleasure, but the price is justified by durability and orthopedic effect.

What else can an orthopedic mattress be equipped with?

There are mattresses with ventilation system, which is provided by special valves. Thanks to them, the air in the mattress does not stagnate, but circulates. Choose a mattress with this type of valves - the solution is quite practical. Such a mattress will serve its owner for a long time, because the best mattresses should provide maximum comfort during sleep. The online store of mattresses has a wide range of such mattresses.

A little bit about double-sided mattresses

Bilateral mattresses are quite practical due to the possibility of their use in cold and warm seasons. One side of this mattress has a cotton base to prevent overheating in summer and a wool layer on the other side - for winter frosts. It is worth buying a mattress of this type for maximum comfort in any weather.

What else you need to pay attention

Before you buy a mattress, ask for details about its parts. For example, what material are the springs made of and how long will they be elastic? Also important are fillers. Plays a role not only the criterion of natural-artificial material, but also its properties. For example, a synthetic winterizer absorbs moisture worse, wears quickly, but costs less, while natural wool absorbs moisture better. Latex ensures proper support of the spine, and coir adds rigidity to the mattress.
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