Are you warm, girl? Choosing a fur coat from the mouton

Each woman wants to shine in both summer and winter. Frosts have come, so it's time to warm up. But how to look stylish and elegant in the winter season, and besides, still not freeze? Mouton fur coat is a suitable option. We will tell you how to choose a high-quality model, so that an expensive product emphasizes your fashionable image, warms the fierce cold and lasts for many years.

Why mouton?

Mouton is sheepskin trimmed and treated using special technology. The natural color of this fur looks unattractive, so it is painted in various shades: from light to dark.

A fur coat from a muton warms even in Epiphany frosts. Yes, and you can buy a fur product at a reasonable price. Still muton strong and durable. If there is bad weather outside the window, it is scary to walk along the street in such attire - the fur coat will not suffer from wet snow. But it is advisable not to wear a coat of fox or wolf fur in a rainy season.

Making the right choice

Get a cherished coat in a specialized store, because the market is easy to be fooled and buy a fake. Having defined the model, ask the seller for a certificate of conformity. This document confirms the quality and safety of the product. Also, do not forget to require a warranty card - without it, it will not be possible to return or exchange goods.

To choose a decent thing, test the coat in 6 stages.
  1. Check whether the fur is too dry - rub the inside of the skin near the hem under the lining of itself. The product is considered to be overdried, if at the same time you hear a slight rustle. This model is considered poor quality.
  2. An effective way to determine the strength of the fur is to squeeze it in your palms and see if the pile is easy to handle. If the hairs did not take the original shape and volume, then you have a fake. When, when holding a hand against the wool, the pile breaks and climbs, this indicates violations in the processing of the product.
  3. Make sure that the selected model does not shed in snowy or rainy weather. To do this, draw a piece of light cotton fabric over the fur coat. If the matter has darkened, it means that the fur coat is not colored according to technological standards.
  4. Evaluate the quality of the internal seams - in a model made conscientiously, they are firmly stitched, easy to feel and do not strongly protrude. A poor-quality product is glued - such a thing will fall apart at an opportunity.
  5. Remember that muton easily absorbs odors. Smell the product, if it smells of incomprehensible amber, then find yourself from the purchase.
  6. Look at the lining. In coats of decent quality, it is satin, and not of acetate silk.
Have a nice and successful shopping!
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