What is bad luck and how to deal with it?

Broken nail, the taxi driver did not come, quarreled with the saleswoman. . . The list of minor failures can be supplemented with anything and for any length of time. There are, of course, worse troubles - and what’s the most disgusting, “trouble never comes alone.” The trouble does not come alone, but the trouble - and generally herd animals! Such small and nasty animals that can not deliver a serious problem, but bite the pain and significantly spoil the mood.

A woman is a creature very tender and vulnerable deep in the soul (even if it looks like an iron business woman). And we are all extremely upset about failures, trying, of course, not to show it. That's only if the troubles are "continuous veil", you can diagnose yourself in what is called in common people "black life strip". What to do in this situation? Let's figure it out!

Calm down

Easy to say, hard to do! Nevertheless, it is the most important thing to temper your emotional swings in a difficult life situation. After all, in the heat of emotions, you can do real nonsense, do something that you would never have reached in your steady state. That is why make every effort in order to calm the nerves.

Kill the rhythm of life

Even if you are an extremely strong-willed and advanced woman, you are not immune from failure. To be honest, you have even more chances to run into them - others sit on the sofa and do nothing special. They have maximum non-crumbness - this is if the sweets in the house run out of time at the wrong time! And with you this is clearly more difficult.

That is why when the feeling “something goes wrong” appears, it is important to slightly stop the rhythm of life. Maximum unload the schedule, do not set up important meetings. While this unpleasant period lasts, it is better to adhere to the principle "you go slower - you will continue." That is, do not plan anything and carefully rake the consequences of past failures. . . . So, gradually you will get out of the pit of bad luck.

Analyze your life

The advice sounds pretty ordinary, but if you dig deeper, you can find a lot of factors that spoil the days. For example, during the week you lost your favorite scarf, forgot several important things about work, did not congratulate Grandma on her birthday, and she is now offended. . . . Perhaps this is not "black rock" you pursue, and his own absent-mindedness? In this case, it is worth a little time alone with yourself and think about the reason for this condition.

And the reason for distraction in domestic matters may lie in the fact that your thoughts are occupied with something else, more meaningful. And it is necessary to solve the very deep question. Then the problems will end!

Come up with your own happy traditions!

When we were teenagers, we all firmly believed in the power of a “happy” sweater, ring or toy. What, then, is the time to plunge into childhood again! Think of a talisman and sincerely believe that it will bring you good luck. In the evening, you can reclaim yourself as a sorceress and talk to him for good luck - after all, every woman is actually a sorceress, right? Plus, it's fun if you feel like it. A positive - the best remedy for the blues and bad luck!

And it is not at all necessary to tell about it to anyone and to cause indulgent smirks. Fortune does not like. when they laugh at her! But she is kind. Well call her - she will turn back!

Good luck to you!
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