Getting ready for the holiday correctly

How to organize everything rationally, how to think things through, so that the celebration goes to “Hurray!” And most importantly - how not to miss anything in this fuss?

There are highlights that can be put together in key points of the preparation plan. Such rules can be applied to any event, the New Year is no exception.

Of course, more and more people resort to the help of leading and animators, who will think everything out according to your desires and in a single festive style. There are also many agencies involved in organizing events from "A" to "Z". But it is not always possible, usually all these concerns fall on the fragile shoulders of women.

New Year preparation rules

A new year is always considered a point of reference, the point from which new plans are being made for life, goals, purchases, family and work changes, and so on. In the old year, it is customary to leave everything old - resentment, sadness, events, and boldly embark on new challenges.

Since childhood, everyone believes in miracles, and when, how not to make wishes in the New Year? On this night, many are hoping for the fulfillment of their innermost thoughts, so they resort to observing all the traditions and requirements of the coming year and its patron. Mostly they are guided by the Chinese teaching, its calendar of animals and the rules of feng shui.

Someone will manage the selection of a festive attire, someone has enough of a festive menu, and perhaps observing several traditional “rites” to attract financial well-being, good luck, health, and success next year. But still these rules are huge and they concern not only the menu and dress. Consider the main, favorably influencing the holding of the holiday itself.

We start with housing

In order for your life to have a place for new events and accomplishments, you need to free up space, to carry out the so-called “purge”. Of course, general cleaning of housing includes the unfolding of all items in their places, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a broom, wet cleaning and wiping dust. It is worth paying attention to all the snares for an apartment or house, to get to the farthest corners, under sofas, beds and wardrobes, upper shelves, remove dust from all objects. All curtains are refreshed, windows and mirrors are washed. All this is done to enter the house and accumulate in it a positively charged energy.

Cleaning also do among the things themselves. We're sorting things out for so-called garbage. It may simply be absolutely not needed, old and broken items. Old newspapers, papers, checks, and also cleaning of the gadgets of unnecessary files are also subject to revisions. In general, you need to get rid of all the excess from everywhere.

It is still very useful to make at least some kind of rearrangement, perhaps, to change the curtains or curtains for others, add something or change it in your interior. With the help of such manipulations, it is believed that energy flows stir and give it acceleration to attract the most positive moments of your life.

Theme of the holiday

It is great if the organized party will be in a specific theme. Based on this, it will be easier to navigate in the selection of all other aspects for the celebration itself. The selection of contests, music, songs, dances, as well as the festive menu and decoration of the celebration venue will depend on the chosen theme and style.

Here are just preparing a thematic event, do not forget about the contingent of invitees. There are companies that prefer to sing karaoke, and there are dance or active ones, for which appropriate contests and jokes are selected. But there are quiet companies, which are difficult to engage in an active pastime. From the guests themselves depends on the celebration, mood and festive atmosphere. Take care to create the most favorable conditions for the fun of your company.

Do not forget about yourself

Personal changes, internal cleaning. It is necessary to complete the old quarrels, make up, pay off debts and let go of the old problems. Own thoughts are subject to purification, perhaps even life views should be reconsidered in order to achieve something new in the next life stage. The overall positive attitude for the future life is considered very important.

If your mood is positive, then the celebration itself will pass as well. The guests themselves will “get infected” with positive emotions from you, they will follow your example and keep up with fun, laughter, dances and competitions.

Festive attributes

Each event has its own attributes and main elements of decor. What about a birthday without a cake, a New Year without a Christmas tree, and a Christmas without kutya? And post them and choose them should also by their own rules. Placement, type, decoration choose the subject of the event.

Be sure to pay attention to decorating your home, because from this immediately appears festive mood, fun and a special sense of celebration. Suitable as handmade, and purchased jewelry. It is worth selecting them according to the general theme, color scale.

Festive table

In this matter, the number of invited guests is taken into account, to which event everything is being prepared. Next, take into account the age of the company, life views and whether the organized holiday is themed.

On the table, it is customary to observe a variety of cooked foods and drinks, because this attracts well-being for the future. It also allows you to satisfy all the gastronomic tastes of guests. The presence of alcohol is determined by the preferences of the company.

Of course, holiday outfit

As the mistress of any event, you should look spectacular, but it should be comfortable. For entering your life of new emotions, vivid events and other positive things, it is considered better to buy new outfits for the holidays. Through this, attention is also drawn to one's person.

Jewelry, hair and makeup are selected under the overall image and theme of the party. And also do not forget about your personal preferences, because you can never wear a dress for a holiday, if you are more familiar with a trouser suit.

Gifts and souvenirs

Increasingly, various holidays began to give various souvenirs to invited guests. Weddings, New Year's parties, even birthdays. The choice is behind each, but to give each a greeting card, two tangerines, or some kind of sweetness, and not too expensive. You can also think of a gift suitable for each guest. Subject for personal use, something for home comfort, a thematic gift of the event or something done by yourself.

Photo report

As without a photo for memory? This is also worth taking care of. Perhaps there is a person in your company who will be happy to capture all the most joyful, bright and main events of the celebration. But it happens that there is no such person, or he simply will not have time everywhere and behind everyone. What about the video, you ask. Therefore, you will come to the aid of people who are professionally involved in photos, and possibly video. Some moments are best preserved for video memory. If there is an opportunity, it will be excellent to take into account both facts, having ordered both a photo and a video. Believe me, it will be remember that!

Ready for the celebration

So, having completed all the pre-holiday preparations, you can be sure that you have not missed anything. We will surprise the guests, we will attract the positive, we will prepare ourselves, we will keep it in memory.

It remains the case for small - festive mood and fun itself. We wish you well celebrate any event in your life.
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