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This procedure will help solve the problem of dandruff and seborrhea, it is effective in the absence of hair shine. However, the desire to speed up hair growth becomes the most frequent reason for the use of aromatherapy. After a few sessions, you can notice an improvement. The awakening of dormant hair follicles is due to the effect of the massage, which is achieved with a comb. In order to begin to perform aromatherapy at home, you only need to study the properties of the essential oils that you will use. Please note that some oils can be mixed, while others should be used separately.

Features of aromatherapy

To carry out this procedure, it is recommended to get a wooden comb or a comb with natural bristles. After brushing the comb, be sure to wash it. During aromatherapy, it is very important not to overdo it with oil. Do not use more than 3-5 drops for one session. Dropping a few drops on a comb, walk it along the entire length of the hair. It is necessary to touch the scalp extremely carefully, as oil in combination with sebum can make hair greasy.

Before using essential oils, be sure to ensure that there is no allergic reaction to them. Since many oils have a rather rich aroma, it makes sense to carry out aromatherapy in a well-ventilated room. For the duration of this procedure should not exceed 5 minutes. Usually it is carried out no more than 1-2 times a week. Increase the frequency of sessions makes sense only if you use aromatherapy to combat hair loss.

What essential oils should be used?

In any pharmacy you can now find a wide range of essential oils. For aromatherapy, it is worth choosing oils depending on the reason that prompted you to resort to this procedure. On the hair, the aroma persists for a long time, so an important criterion is also your lack of unpleasant associations associated with the smell of oil.

Mint essential oil helps to cope with dandruff. It has a firming effect on the hair and restores their structure. The rosemary oil in the first place should pay attention to the owners of dry curls. It has a positive effect in case of pronounced loss, as it strengthens the hair follicles. Cinnamon essential oil is used with insufficient hair density. It restores the lipid balance of the scalp and gives the hair a natural shine. All these oils have a tonic effect on humans. They are able to charge with cheerfulness and increase concentration.

Chamomile has a beneficial effect on the hair, not only in the form of medicinal decoctions. Chamomile essential oil is effective for hair loss. In addition to aromatherapy, it can become one of the components of hair masks. Rose essential oil helps to cope with dandruff and fungal diseases of the scalp. Eucalyptus oil is used to prevent cross-section of hair. Lavender essential oil eliminates the itching of the scalp and successfully cope with the dullness of the curls. Ylang-ylang oil allows hair to become more elastic and smooth. This group of oils has a relaxing effect. They have a calming effect on a person, reduce the level of nervous tension.

Aromatherapy with jasmine essential oil gives shine and shine to hair. And grapefruit oil normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands, making the curls silky and docile. Patchouli essential oil is important for weak and damaged curls. It nourishes the hair with nutrients and neutralizes dry scalp. This category of oils belongs to aphrodisiacs.

In what cases there is an increased fat content of the hair?

The main problem that can be encountered when practicing aromatherapy is increased oiliness of the hair. It can occur not only because of the excessive amount of oil on the comb. Comb after each session must be disinfected. It should not remain the remnants of the essential oil.

If you want to improve only the appearance of curls, do not touch the scalp. By gripping the sebum with the comb, you can spread it across the entire length of the strands. It is necessary when combing to retreat from the root zone 1-2 centimeters. The quality of the oils also matters. Unscrupulous manufacturers often dilute esters. Check the quality of the oil, you can read the description of its consistency, smell and color.
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